Ergonomic pillows | The best of 2022

Ergonomic pillows | The best of 2022

Many people often wake up with pain in the neck and shoulder, due to the muscle tension that builds up at night if you sleep in an incorrect position. Although posture is the main factor in triggering these pains, the stress of a life that is too hectic or too sedentary also plays a fundamental role. Regardless of the reasons for these ailments, ergonomic cushions are able to alleviate suffering and in this article we will find out which are the best to buy.

Read also: Leather gaming chairs | The best of 2022 Let's start by telling you that ergonomic pillows can be wave, travel and butterfly. Each is designed to be used differently based on the situation, but we can say that they all share the same goal, which is to fight neck pain. As usual, we will explore the different types of ergonomic pillows and their respective materials in the second part of the article, leaving space first for the models that will help you better solve or alleviate the typical symptoms of the neck.

The best ergonomic pillows

Ergonomic wave pillow Ergonomic travel pillow Ergonomic butterfly pillow Ergonomic seat cushion Ergonomic lumbar pillow

Ergonomic wave pillow

If you can't to sleep well and wake up full of neck pain, this ergonomic wave pillow will be able to solve most of your problems. The wave structure is designed to adapt to the physical conformation of your neck, promoting rest and relieving any chronic cervical. The internal material is in memory foam, while the external part benefits from the aloe vera treatment, known for its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. This pillow is also certified as a class 1 medical device, which means that private individuals will be able to take advantage of the tax deduction, which can be managed directly at the time of purchase, provided that they have added their tax code in the "Manage VAT information" section. on Amazon. Dimensions are important to ensure that the pillow fits your physical shape well and the manufacturer of this solution knows this well, and that's why you will have the opportunity to choose 3 different sizes.


Ergonomic travel pillow

If you need a portable solution capable of offering you excellent comfort while you are traveling, whether by car, train or plane, then those who do your case are the ergonomic travel pillows. The one proposed here is made of memory foam and boasts a headrest specially designed to allow you to rest your neck on one of the two soft sides of the pillow. Long journeys will no longer be a problem, thanks also to the gel layer inside, which will ensure breathability and freshness. However, nothing prevents you from using it even at home, for example when reading or watching TV in bed or on the sofa. In this case the size is unique, since the elastic structure allows the pillow to adapt to various physical conformations.


Ergonomic butterfly pillow

If you usually sleep with your back resting on the surface of the bed, leaving space for the pillow only for the head and neck, you could also opt for an ergonomic butterfly pillow like the one proposed here. This type means that the shapes of the pillow are different from the others. The structure, in fact, has a longer part, dedicated to the head, and a narrower area to leave the right space behind. Thanks to this solution, the head will be kept raised, decreasing muscle tension. Once again we find memory foam as a material and it can only be otherwise, given its typical non-deformability, fundamental against neck pain. Also noteworthy is a high quality lining which, in addition to not irritating the skin, reduces the penetration of sweat into the inside of the pillow.


Ergonomic pillow per seat

Ergonomic cushions can also help those who spend a sedentary life, that is, those who spend many hours a day sitting in front of a PC or in the car. In that case, the seat cushions will be for you and Feagar's proposal is undoubtedly one of the best, thanks to the high-density memory foam and the adjustable zippered buckle. Also worth noting is the presence of a practical carrying handle, which will allow you to easily move it from home / office to the car and vice versa. Being designed for sitting, the benefits will be noticed in the lower back, allowing you to feel more comfortable and, why not, reduce the risk of problems due to prolonged sitting.


Ergonomic lumbar cushion

We end the guide by suggesting this ergonomic lumbar cushion which, as you can imagine, is specially designed to keep the back in the right position. You can use it at home when sitting in front of your PC or while driving the car. Correct posture is then ensured by the double adjustable strap, excellent for keeping the back padding in place and preventing the cushion from sliding off the chair. Being a high quality product, it could only be made of memory foam, a material that reacts well to both weight and heat. At high temperatures, in fact, the pillow will be softer, while it will become firmer at low temperatures. You will therefore have optimal comfort regardless of the conditions of use.


How to choose an ergonomic pillow

In the first part of the article we have anticipated that the ergonomic cushions can be of various types, each designed to meet certain needs. Now we will deepen the peculiarities of each, so that you can get a clear idea of ​​which pillows to buy to alleviate your physical problems. So let's start by discovering the differences between a wave, travel and butterfly model, without forgetting the lumbar and sitting ones.

A wave: if you suffer from neck pain and are full of pain when you wake up in the morning, the ergonomic wave pillow is undoubtedly the most effective against these symptoms, since it is specially designed to allow you to sleep in the right position. The wave definition comes from the shape of the pillow, which is similar to that of sea waves. Their inclination and depth vary according to the model, so you should buy the one that best suits your body shape or preferences. Compared to many other types, wave pillows can only be used when sleeping or while relaxing on the bed; Travel: the travel type, as the word implies, is suitable for those who usually travel by plane, train or bus, but also if we are driving a car ourselves. The advantages of using an ergonomic travel pillow will especially occur on long journeys, where a few hours of sleep may be needed. In this case, you can rest your neck and head on the soft part of the pillow, allowing the muscles not to stiffen too much. The design of this type is designed so that the pillow can be easily positioned in the hollow of the neck. Furthermore, the soft materials make these ergonomic cushions very light, facilitating their transport; Butterfly: Just like the wave models, the ergonomic butterfly pillows can only be used on the bed when lying down, as the structure is designed to ensure that the neck remains raised above the shoulders when you lie down. This is made possible thanks to the presence of a sort of central headrest longer than the corresponding areas, the latter dedicated to the shoulders, which must be placed on the surface of the bed; For sitting: the ergonomic seat cushions are among the most versatile, as they can be used on different occasions. These do not so much relieve neck disorders, as much as those of the back, since they are used on chairs and on car seats; Lumbar: the lumbar models help reduce muscle tension in the back, a bit like sitting solutions. However, these are more suitable for helping you maintain the correct posture when sitting, and you can use them at home, at work, while traveling or driving a car. The positioning of this cushion will go in correspondence with the final part of the back, adjusting the strap around the object, for example a chair, so that it does not slip.


Once you have established which type is most suitable for you, you need to consider the materials with which the ergonomic cushions are made. A good material, in fact, helps the pillow to better meet your needs, as well as giving you greater comfort. The materials to focus on for best results are memory foam and latex. Even if they have differences, both are excellent, as they share non-deformability, that is properties that allow the pillow not to undergo deformation.

Memory foam is nothing more than a very flexible viscoelastic foam, able to adapt to the conformation of a body and, consequently, offer an optimal weight distribution. Its peculiarity is to maintain the shape of the head and, if desired, of other areas of the body for about 30 seconds and then return to its original state. This peculiarity, as mentioned, ensures excellent weight distribution, but if you usually change position during the night it may not be ideal. If we want to compare it with latex, memory foam retains more heat being less breathable, so it could be better in winter. The high quality pillows, however, boast an aloe vera treatment, which promotes air circulation.

Latex is always a foam, but its origins are natural. The advantages of this material lie in the fact that the aloe vera treatment is already naturally present in itself, therefore the cushions will be very breathable. Despite this, the manufacturers add further grooves to the structure, increasing the breathability even more. We can therefore say that ergonomic latex pillows are preferred during the summer, while those in memory foam may be more comfortable in winter. Economically, latex models tend to cost more, as long as manufacturers use 100% latex and no blended materials.


Ergonomic pillows must have the size suitable for us to ensure that the head is supported correctly. If the pillow is too low, the neck will only accentuate the curvature of the pillow, while if it is too high it will force the head to lean forward, which obviously does not help the neck muscles. So how do you choose the correct size? The best solution is to try the pillow yourself, placing yourself in a natural position. If this is not possible, consider cushions that have a height of at least 10 cm or those that offer two different heights at the ends.

In addition to the height, it is also necessary to evaluate the dimensions relating to the width of the cushion which, obviously, it has to be long enough so that you don't slip out of it during typical position changes. One way to avoid this problem is to take into account the width of your shoulders, which often results in at least 60 cm.

The advantages of an ergonomic pillow

I Ergonomic pillows are not like the normal pillows we are used to, as they are specially designed to improve sleep and more, by decreasing the typical painful areas of the neck, shoulders, head and spine. The ergonomic pillows are also able to relieve tension on the body when you do not make movements for long periods, whether it is sleeping or sitting (those who spend 7-8 hours a day in front of the PC know something).

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