Bastard !! is the hottest Netflix series ever, reviewed

Bastard !! is the hottest Netflix series ever, reviewed

Bastard !! is the hottest Netflix series ever

Bastard !! The dark god destroyer is a shōnen / seinen target manga written and illustrated by Kazushi Hagiwara, whose publication began in 1998, but which is currently no longer published regularly: the series is in fact paused since 2012. From the manga it was an animated series has already been dealt with in 1992 and, 30 years later, a new ONA (Original Net Animation) series has arrived, since it was designed solely for online streaming.

Produced by Netflix, the new animated series of Bastard !! will consist of a total of 24 episodes. As of yesterday, June 29, the first 13 episodes are available, while the rest should be distributed, again by Netflix, by the end of this year. The new Netflix series based on Hagiwara's manga sees Takaharu Ozaki (Goblin Slayer) as director and Yosuke Kuroda (My Hero Academia) as the composition of the series. The studio behind this work is Liden Films, known for the animated versions of Tokyo Revengers and Cells at Work! Black.

If you love curvy girls, a handsome and powerful protagonist, rivers of blood, severed limbs, an intriguing storyline and great animations, then Bastard !! is the series you are looking for. And if you are also an inveterate metalhead, the surprises don't end there!

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Bastard !!
In Bastard !! However, heavy metal is not only present in the quotes: even the soundtrack of the series is in perfect metalhead style, and is perfect for action scenes and fights, thus helping to make them even more galvanizing. Even the opening and closing themes of Bastard !! they are really beautiful massive pieces: here is the opening Bloody Power Fame by Coldrain. ATTENTION: do not pog at home!

Bastard !!: a great series

“The Kingdom of Meta-likana seeks help from an unpredictable sorcerer when evil forces threaten to resurrect the divinity of destruction Anslasax”.

This is the very short synopsis of Bastard !! spread by Netflix. We, too, prefer not to add anything else here. Rather, we will focus on the work in general and on the final result, to provide you with an overview without spoiling the surprise of discovering with your own eyes what happens in the series.

Another detail that does not fail to strike the eyes of the spectators is the character design: the characters are mainly female and are always beautiful, curvy and superbly dressed girls. But even our Dark Schneider is an incredibly handsome and charming man (in fact, all the women he meets fall at his feet), as he himself is keen to point out from time to time. Seen from a "musical" perspective, Dark Schneider is the rock star and the girls who love him are his groupies.

Bastard !! From a purely narrative point of view, we are faced with a work that is characterized by different parts that interpenetrate each other. The core storyline is pretty simple to follow, but it's certainly not lacking in unexpected twists. The episodes initially have a rather similar structure, which is then modified in subsequent episodes, thus revealing a less simplistic structure than it might seem at first glance. In addition, there are also some curtains in which the characters of Bastard !! they are addressed, directly or indirectly, to us spectators, thus breaking the fourth wall.


Bastard !! is an engaging, action-packed, entertaining, exhilarating, powerful, beautiful to watch and even to listen to - perfect series for binge watching. Metal runs powerfully through the veins of Dark Scheider, an incredibly strong sorcerer who is also, as the title of the series suggests, a big bastard. Selfish, self-centered, but also soft-hearted, Dark Schneider is the unfair and insane anti-hero you don't expect, but who will win the hearts of viewers.

With solid storytelling, great animations and coloring, blood, guts and sexual references that touch the explicit, Bastard !! is an unconventional and rebellious animated series that stands out clearly above average. Take the highway to Hell and then go up the steps to Heaven with Dark Schneider: you won't regret it.

The first part of the Bastard animated series !! The dark god of destruction is already available on Netflix as soon as the final episodes of the series are released you will always find us here, ready to rock with our beloved air guitar in your hands.

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