Avatar: Reckoning, all we know

Avatar: Reckoning, all we know


Chinese manufacturer Tencent showed off its new smartphone game called Avatar: Reckoning. This is, of course, the game born from the Hollywood film of the same name by James Cameron. Initially announced in January, it is a shooter with strong MMORPG mechanics to be released on iOS and Android systems during the course of 2023. The second film of the series will arrive in theaters around the world in December of this year, period during the which was the original launch of the game, but which obviously could not be respected.

Let's find out everything we know about Avatar: Reckoning.

A spectacular trailer full of d 'action

A frame taken from the presentation film With a surprise trailer, a short film of about one minute was shown where a lot of action is concentrated within the game world, obviously the planet of Pandora. In the role of a Na'vi warrior (but presumably the character will be completely to be built via the editor) we must defend our territory from the attack of the powerful robots and troops of the RDA, the organization interested in the predation of raw materials and local resources.

What seems immediately evident from the video shown is the very nature of the title, a role-playing game halfway between the shooter and the massive multiplayer online, with an open and decidedly vast setting (this can be deduced above all from the glimpses panoramic views from the almost infinite horizon). The available modes will actually be two: single player and online multiplayer with PvP or cooperative.

In addition to the various modes and the genre itself in which to insert Avatar: Reckoning, the trailer presented by the developer Archosaur Games lets us assume what the gameplay mechanics that will represent the backbone of the game may be. The team behind the game is also very experienced in MMORPGs, having already released many of them (Dragon Raja, World of Kings and Loong Craft for example). During the presentation minute a lot of emphasis is placed on three fundamental aspects: fights, creatures and setting.

Analyzing the short video we first notice a great variety of encounters. There are melee action phases, with weapons (arrows and submachine guns in the first place), but also aerial combat between RDA aircraft and the Na'Vi banshee called Ikran, winged predators native to Pandora used mainly for movement and defense. Exactly as happens in the first film, therefore, we can expect a great variety of types of clashes and battles, probably with the addition of the aquatic element given the setting of the second film. In the presentation we can clearly see the protagonist hiding behind some shelters (with a system of covers that strongly refers to what the school of Gears of War did), counterattack, jump and use throwing weapons.

The strength of its settings

The cover image of Avatar: Reckoning One of the best elements of Avatar seems to have been fully exploited in this game. We obviously refer to the beautiful settings of the planet Pandora. Evocative and dreamlike glimpses that strongly refer to the film, even if we expect to discover new places to explore within its territory, probably and perhaps different from those already known.

The third element that is underlined by the film is the massive presence of creatures. You can see both the flying Ikran and the carnivorous predators of the forest that appeared in the first Avatar, but also the mighty Hammerheads and the "horses" called Pa'li ​​by the natives of Pandora, ridden in some parts of the presentation video. The latter will likely be used for longer journeys or to get to combat zones within the game.

A shooter phase of the game, with the typical beasts of Pandora Avatar: Reckoning is a very promising title from all points of view, even the purely technical one. With the use of the Unreal Engine 4, the developers have managed to maintain a very high quality standard even on mobile devices. The presentation, obviously optimized and prepared ad hoc, is highly spectacular not only in the moments of pure CGI, which obviously does not make text, but also in the (alleged) gameplay scenes. We just have to wait for new updates, hoping that the development continues respecting all the promises shown by the presentation.

Avatar: Reckoning looks like a video game that certainly has all the credentials to be successful and go beyond the film that inspired it. Someone might turn up their noses in front of a mobile game, moreover free to play (a form of distribution that has many facets, both positive and negative). We, however, only analyze what we have seen, and we liked it. Beautiful settings, adrenaline-fueled fights and all the flora and fauna of Pandora can be many good reasons to download it and try it when it comes out.


Strongly evocative game background Various and adrenaline-fueled fights Achievement technique seems first-rate DOUBTS Will the free to play formula work? No in-game phases have been seen. Have you noticed any errors?

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