Windows Media Player ready to retire in Windows 11

Windows Media Player ready to retire in Windows 11

Windows Media Player and Groove Music are preparing to be replaced by new multimedia playback software for Windows 11. The application, called "Media Player for Windows 11" in a truly original way, has already been made available to members of the Windows Insider program, as reported by colleagues at Engadget, and offers a design more suited to the latest iteration of the operating system of the house of Redmond.

Photo Credit: Microsoft The app supports both video and audio formats and will be able to import your playlists and libraries automatically. Microsoft said improved accessibility was also provided through "improved keyboard shortcuts and access key support for users using keyboard and other assistive technologies." Also, during playback you will see album art and "rich artist pictures" in both full screen and mini-player modes.

However, Media Player for Windows 11 currently suffers from some issues affecting the playback from some network locations, editing album metadata and library content with accented characters. In any case, you will still have the possibility to start the previous version of Windows Media Player from Windows Tools.

Photo Credit: Microsoft Today we also told you about another problem that users of Intel Smart Sound Technology in Windows 11. Indeed, due to a driver incompatibility, those who do not have an updated version of the IntcAudioBus.sys file are unable to update to the latest version of the operating system. For more details on this, we recommend that you read our previous article.

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