Rocket League, all the details of Season 5

Rocket League, all the details of Season 5

Rocket League

The success of Rocket League is there for all to see: the home game Psyonix debuted in 2015, initially only on PS4 and PC but has subsequently become a cross-platform game and thanks to Epic Games, which has bought the development team and has launched the free distribution formula for the title that mixes football and racing, its popularity has grown a lot, so much so that it has collaborated with important brands such as BMW.

The winning formula of Rocket League, however it may be, is based all about seasonal updates, like all "service" games. For this reason Psyonix is ​​always working to propose more or less important news, divided notes for the Seasons and today we are here to explain some details about the fifth season, which will debut November 17, 2021 on consoles and PC. The most important novelty certainly concerns the Rocket Pass, which can be completed by playing or buying a Premium version, to receive additional items and receive greater rewards. The details on the new pass, however, will only be disclosed on Tuesday, but we already know that there will be special objects, a new nexus machine and the Goal Cosmosi Explosion.

Other news of the new season 5 concerning some changes to the quality of the game and news regarding the Arena, which will see the introduction of a variant of the Starbase, called Afermath, complete with a Player of Games song created by the artist Grimes and the addition of a limited-time mode, called Heatseeker Ricochet. The latter will take place in three new Rocket Labs Arenas, namely Barricade, Colossus and Hourglass starting November 18.

Despite all these announcements, the new season of Rocket League will show itself in a complete way thanks to a new trailer and many more details on the improvements of the new update next week. The day of the reveal is in fact set for November 16, 2021, where we will see everything in action.

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‘Rocket League’ Season 5 is coming on November 17

The new Season 5 of Rocket League is on its way, with new cars, a new season pass and a cinematic trailer featuring music from Grimes.

Psyonix has announced that Rocket League Season 5 will debut on November 17, bringing a new competitive season and a whole new arena.

“Prepare to blast off into Rocket League Season 5,” reads the official announcement. “Fly into all the new content that is out of this world, featuring the new Starbase Arc: Aftermath Arena, Rocket Pass, and Competitive Season!”

There’s even a cool cinematic trailer which shows off Season 5’s new car:

The Nexus is described as a starship-come-car which is defending the new Starbase Arc arena and is earned as part of the Rocket Pass. You can expect 70+ tiers of unlocks in the all-new Rocket Pass, with a range of add-ons and items.

As well as the Nexus, you can unlock the Spacedirt Paint Finish, Hyperspace Animated Decal, and Cosmosis Goal Explosion via the Rocket Pass.

Any players who purchase the Season 5 Rocket Pass will get instant access to the Nexus, and can also unlock a special version, the Nexus SC, by levelling up the pass. Full details of what’s in the pass will be revealed on November 16.

Rocket League is also bringing back the Heatseeker Ricochet limited time mode, while adding the Barricade, Colossus, and Hourglass arenas to this mode from Rocket Labs. The Heatseeker Ricochet mode will be available on November 18.

The game will update ready for Rocket League Season 5 from November 16.

Meanwhile, a new Warframe expansion, The New War, will launch in December, with a pre-launch event coming later this month.

Elsewhere, Halo Infinite multiplayer is rumoured to release on November 15, giving Halo players a whole month of multiplayer ahead of the game’s full launch.

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