Quentin Tarantino sued for Pulp Fiction NFTs

Quentin Tarantino sued for Pulp Fiction NFTs

Famed cult director Quentin Tarantino announced earlier this month that he would be doing a NFT viewing based on his cult Pulp Fiction, featuring "cut" scenes and "secret" content about the film. Pulp Fiction was released in 1994, earning Tarantino an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and the Plma d'Oro at the Cannes Film Festival. Unfortunately for the director, however, the initiative also earned him a subpoena.

The Miramax production company, which produced Pulp Fiction and numerous other Tarantino films, has in fact filed a lawsuit against the director, supporting in a complaint that he owns the rights to Pulp Fiction. The entertainment company also said Tarantino would keep its plans secret, ignoring a ceasefire related to the sale. Miramax also said that Tarantino claimed his so-called reserved rights give him the right to pursue NFT plans.

Specifically, Miramax denounced contract violation, unfair competition and trademark infringement in the complaint. "Tarantino's conduct forced Miramax to bring this lawsuit against a valued collaborator in order to enforce, preserve and protect its contractual and intellectual property rights relating to one of Miramax's most iconic and valuable cinematic properties," said Miramax. in court documents.

“Left unchecked, Tarantino's conduct could mislead others into believing that Miramax is involved in his enterprise. And it could also mislead others into believing that you have the rights to pursue similar deals or offers, when in fact Miramax owns the necessary rights to develop, market and sell NFTs related to its own film library.

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