Marvel announces Destiny of X, a new event on the titles of the X-Men

Marvel announces Destiny of X, a new event on the titles of the X-Men

Marvel announces Destiny of X

Marvel has just announced Destiny of X, a new chapter that will disrupt once again the new status quo of the X-Men titles that will hit the mutant nation of Krakoa.

Marvel announces Destiny of X, new event on the titles of the X-Men

There is a new chapter on the horizon for the titles of the Marvel mutants, Destiny of X, an event that will arrive on the pages of the comics of the X-Men during the Summer of 2022.

Destiny of X has been announced by the publisher with a teaser image featuring some words from the Destiny mutant. Irene Adler, this is the true identity of Mystica's companion with the power to predict the future, has recently been reintroduced in the mutant saga orchestrated by Jonathan Hickman on the occasion of the Inferno event.

"The" Future does not exist , Destiny Does Not Exist - Irene Adler.

As X-Men readers will discover on the pages of Inferno, Destiny will get a prominent role from the pages of the series. Destiny of X, in addition to being obviously tied to the character, could be a new phase of status quo for the world of the X-Men, just like Reign of X and Dawn of X were, or a new event that will shock the nation again. Krakoa's mutant.

Marvel has stated that more details about Destiny of X will be revealed soon, probably starting in mid-December, when the next previews of Marvel releases of early 2022 will be released. It will probably be the first narrative arc of the titles of the X-Men that will no longer see the direction of Jonathan Hickman, since the writer, in declaring his abandonment of this commitment, declared that Inferno would be the last event he wrote for the mutants.

Hickman's commitment to Marvel, however, does not stop there, having already discussed with the writers of the titles linked to the X-Men about how their future will develop for the coming months, but he has also revealed that he is already working on a new project for the publisher.

While waiting to learn more about Destiny of X and the future of the X-Men, we suggest you retrieve pivotal volumes of Hickman's management on Amazon. it, such as House of X / Powers of X and the first story arc of the main title, X-Men by Jonathan Hickman 1 - Pax Krakoa.

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