iPhone is "indestructible", here is the survivor of a fall from the plane

iPhone is indestructible, here is the survivor of a fall from the plane

iPhone is "indestructible"

There are many stories about iPhones "surviving" really extreme (and involuntary) drop tests, like that of the iPhone 11 that fell into a lake and was found on the seabed by divers after six months, or that of the iPhone 6s Plus lost in the desert. and recovered a year later by some hikers.

The story we are about to tell you today is actually even more incredible. This time, the iPhone crashed from a plane flying at a height of 300 meters, and was recovered "safe and sound" a few minutes later on the same runway it had left from.

The owner, a pilot of a twin-engine touring aircraft in service in Orlando, Florida, he immediately got in touch with the airport staff to whom he briefly explained the situation. Operations 2, in turn, asked the control tower for instructions: "I'm holding onto A8, waiting for runway 7. I have a Seminole driver who says he dropped his iPhone on the runway." Control tower responds: “Ok, where on the runway? ". "About a thousand feet [300 meters, ed] further down, just to the right of the center line", the pilot intervenes.

The exact position has probably been identified thanks to the Where is it app installed on another Apple device. After a few moments, necessary to clear the track from traffic and carry out the search safely, the iPhone was found right in the spot indicated by the driver. “It would be a good story for Apple if it fired up and still worked,” jokes someone from the ground. And in fact the operators confirm: “It works! ". Not only that: the screen - they say - is in "perfect shape" and seems not to have received even a scratch.

"An iPhone has never been seen falling from a plane traveling at 50-60 miles per hour. now without breaking “, they shout from the tower in disbelief.

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iPhone is 'indestructible' - BingNews

iPhone is 'indestructible' - BingNews

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iPhone is 'indestructible'

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