Google Pixel 6a will have a top-of-the-range heart but not the camera

Google Pixel 6a will have a top-of-the-range heart but not the camera

Bad news for those who expected a Google Pixel 6a identical (or almost) to the 6, which apparently is and will always remain its "big" brother. Unlike what has been leaked in recent days, in fact, the 6a camera will not be the same as the Pixel 6.

On the top of the range from Google, remember, a 50MP Samsung ISOCELL GN1 sensor is installed; on this smartphone, however, we will find a 12.2MP Sony IMX363, the same that characterized the old Pixels from 3 to 5a.

This information emerged during the analysis of the Google Camera APK carried out by 9to5Google. The Sony sensor of the new Pixel fits perfectly with the software developed by Google, even if it is a choice more oriented towards savings than performance.

In any case, there is no doubt that the "effective" Pixel 6a has lost something compared to the Pixel 6a of the renders. Generation 6 - including its budget device - could have marked a major aesthetic and hardware change, as far as the Pixel family is concerned, but in the face of this 6th we are seeing a bit of a throwback.

Probably , the change of the sensor was necessary in order to guarantee lower production costs and therefore also a cheaper final price. All the lenses of this Pixel will be Sony-branded: next to the main one, we find another 12MP IMX386 ultra wide angle. The front camera, a Sony IMX355, will instead be 8MP.

Speaking of processor, Google Pixel 6a should have the same as Pixel 6, or Google Tensor, essential to be able to access some features that are real and own prerogatives of the new Google Pixel (think for example of photo editing tools). Like 5a and 4a in the LTE version, Pixel 6a is also expected for the summer season.

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