Elden Ring: The extended gameplay video of the new From Software game

Elden Ring: The extended gameplay video of the new From Software game

Elden Ring

The wait was long but finally we can see Elden Ring in action in an extended gameplay video lasting about 15 minutes.

In the player above you can view the presentation of From Software, which is actually the first true gameplay video of the highly anticipated new work of the studio. In short, this is an unmissable opportunity for all fans of Miyazaki's works, who obviously have very high expectations for the project. We also report that a trailer has been released and details on Elden Ring collectible editions and preorder bonuses revealed.

The gameplay video opens in the Interregnum, with a Lightless armed with a broadsword activating a " Site of Grace ", the equivalent of the Elden Ring bonfires. Interacting with one of them will also activate a "Guiding Light" that suggests the next destination to reach, but we will be free to explore the game world as we prefer. Next we see the battle with a wyvern, in which the Lightless fights using spells and slashing while riding Reima.

In the next sequence we have a new Lightless armed with a sword, shield and club meeting a bizarre NPC in the shape of a giant amphora embedded in the ground, named Alexander. In the third sequence the map is introduced. We will be able to use indicators to indicate the position of unique materials or powerful enemies. These are shown in the game world with beams of light. Later we see the Lightless use a magical device to leap up and overcome a massive rock face. In any case, it seems that Reima will be an extremely useful travel companion for getting around the Interregnum.

The open world formula guarantees great freedom of action. For example, in the video we see the Without Light planning the assault on a camp, and then silently eliminate the unsuspecting enemies guarding a chest. We then see the character summoning spirits, who give him a hand in battle to eliminate a group of soldiers.

Also in Elden Ring it will be possible to summon other players in your Interregnum for help, but at the same time c 'is always the risk of being invaded. In the video we see the player fighting in tandem with another player to defeat an imposing armored knight on horseback capable of unleashing truly dangerous attacks and spells.

Let's also briefly see one of the Elden Ring dungeons, characterized by a more linear exploration. Many treasures await us, the inevitable invisible walls, but also enemies and bosses. In the last sequences, however, Melina and Stormveil Castle are presented again. Inside, the Lightless meets an NPC willing to give him advice on how to proceed inside the fortress, which he decides to refuse, however, at his expense. Dungeons promise to be particularly sophisticated and intricate in their design, allowing players to proceed in multiple different ways. The Elden Ring gameplay video ends with the clash with Godrick, one of the Elden Ring semi-gods, but we prefer not to describe any details so as not to spoil the surprise.

We remind you that Elden Ring will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC starting February 25, 2022. The closed beta will begin in a few days, allowing players to preview the game before launch. In this regard, the dimensions of the client for PS5 have recently been revealed which are rather light, which has triggered, without reason, negative reactions from the community that consider them a low quality index.

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Elden Ring: 15 Minutes Of Gameplay Showcases Open World Traversal, Boss Fights, And More

FromSoftware has released 15 minutes of Elden Ring gameplay and it features some of its open-world traversal in The Land Between, Souls-like combat, a healthy amount of death, and a look at some of the dungeons that await players within. 

The entire showcase heavily emphasizes player choice when navigating the world of Elden Ring. Unlike previous FromSoftware games which are more akin to wide-open, interconnected areas rather than a full-on open-world, Elden Ring’s world is completely open, allowing players to tackle objectives how they see fit. 

Maybe you open the main gate to proceed through the castle? Perhaps you’re worried about a secret archer that might snipe you down when you walk through the gates so you take a side route instead? The choice is seemingly yours and that seems to be a running theme through Elden Ring – do what you want, when you want. 

Now, that’s not to say that Elden Ring will allow you to do that easily. Something tells us the game will have its own way of telling players, “no, not yet,” but only time will tell for now. In fact, Elden Ring has a guiding light that seems to nudge players in a suggested direction, but as the gameplay showcase narrator notes, players don’t have to choose to follow it. 

Choosing not to follow it might pit players against massive fire-breathing dragons that drop from the sky out of nowhere. We also get a look at some of the many NPCs we’ll run into in The Land Between, including the Iron Fist aka Big Pot Boy (it’s an NPC that appears to be a large pot with arms). 

In perhaps the most surprising reveal in the video, FromSoftware showcased Elden Rings’ map, which is new to the FromSoftware formula. Players can even set beacons that act as waypoints to help them navigate The Land Between. We also get a new look at the Spirits of Elden Ring, which appear to be summonable allies, as well as online co-op gameplay. Here, we’re treated to some of the more Sekiro-like stealth that can be used to skulk around the world. 

Elsewhere in the video, we witness a fight between the playable charater and the massive hulking boss that wields a golden axe featured heavily in Elden Ring’s marketing thus far. That boss appears to be no joke, either – it seems to have multiple phases, fire magic, massive leap attacks, and more. 

It’s safe to say that we’re shaking in our armored boots just thinking about having to fight this boss when Elden Ring is released on February 25, 2022. 

For more about Elden Ring, check out Game Informer’s Elden Ring preview and then read about how it was delayed to next year. Check out Game Informer’s breakdown of everything we know about Elden Ring after that. 

Are you excited about Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below! 

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