Blockchain technology will drive the future of longevity

Blockchain technology will drive the future of longevity

The promise of a longer and healthier life has dominated both cultural and medical discourse for centuries. The longevity industry has proven in recent years that a longer and healthier lifespan is an attainable reality. Humans will not only live longer, but will have more active, healthy and engaged years on this Earth. Research units from all over the world are making discoveries every day. Advances in medicine, fueled by intense research and experimentation, are changing the way scientists, doctors and even cultural commentators think about how long and how well we can live. We are, in fact, now in the era of longevity. But what is driving these amazing discoveries?

Pure creativity and innovation. The advent of artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and a renewed interest in public health resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are catalyzing discoveries at an unprecedented rate. To maximize the impact of these researchers, the future of innovation will have to be collaborative and cooperative and in this the blockchain technology will be decisive.

The latter will allow the application of the most interesting features of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) to protect sensitive medical data, ensure secure data sharing among numerous partners, and provide a path for patients to become interested parties in medical research by contributing their data and participating in clinical trials.

Digital currencies and blockchain technology have changed the way the whole world transacts and uses critical services. These are the fundamental technologies for a fairer and more efficient society. New applications for DLT are being developed every day and new investors, adopters and admirers are drawn to the industry due to its ever-changing nature. If we can apply the same entrepreneurial spirit and attitude to the longevity industry, our lives will not only be longer, but more enriched, meaningful and digitally enabled.

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