Black Friday Aliexpress, the products not to be missed!

Black Friday Aliexpress, the products not to be missed!

Black Friday Aliexpress

Black Friday 2021 is now around the corner. Just like you, we can't wait to find out what all the main offers will be and to let you know as soon as possible. We already anticipate that there will be the main technological objects, such as smartphones or computers, but also many other proposals, such as headphones, robots for the home and much more! In short, the Aliexpress store is full of offers, for this reason we suggest you keep an eye on our portal, as we will not fail to report the most important ones.

Read also: Black Friday MediaWorld, the products to keep an eye on In this article, however, we have tried to forge ahead by suggesting some products that, in our opinion, will be great protagonists of Black Friday, therefore to keep an eye on along with many other proposals on the Aliexpress store.

Before leaving you to our roundup of products, we remind you that we will monitor price trends, in order to offer you a selection with the best products with a timely and precise overview.

Air Pro 3

These Bluetooth headsets, completely devoid of cables, are a panacea for those who usually receive calls while behind the wheel or for those who simply need a device that allows him to avoid kilometer-long cables when watching Movies and TV Series through his Smart TV, considering that the various jack and USB inputs are placed in the back of the TV. To conclude, a clean and light design, which ensures a pleasant appearance and almost no weight. Obviously, there is no lack of compatibility for IOS and Android, so whatever smartphone you have, do not despair, you can use them without any problem.


Sony X85J

Sony has always been one of the most popular TV manufacturers, and with the X85J model in its 55 ”version it proves it. This TV, equipped with the X1 processor and the Google TV operating system, offers very clear images at 4K and 60Hz resolution, an almost perfect viewing condition for Movies and TV Series through the most important video apps, and for video games. An example? The flaming PlayStation 5! Being a TV with a Google operating system, then, you can use it as a voice assistant directly from the remote control. But it doesn't stop there! Even Alexa aficionados will have something to rejoice: the TV is also perfectly compatible with Amazon devices!


Samsung S21

When it comes to smartphones, Samsung is always among the most cited brands. This phone, including battery charger and even headphones, with its 7.3 ”screen and a resolution of 1440x3040p, shows itself in great shape, and is not caught unprepared even on the memory front. The storage, in fact, in the model we suggested, boasts 512GB, while as regards the RAM memory, it stands at 12GB. Really a great feature that will allow you to download all your favorite apps and browse them in a reactive way. Moreover, thanks to the dual-core sensors, even the photos and videos captured by the rear camera will not fail to satisfy those who are used to creating multimedia content.


CHUWI GemiBook Pro

A good laptop is always handy, especially a model equipped with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD which, together with the operating system Windows 10, ready to upgrade to the newest version, ensures optimal performance and a very wide compatible software, from the most popular video editing and streaming applications, to graphics or work programs such as the well-known office package. Finally, the 2K resolution and 3: 2 wide screen guarantee a good video experience with the major streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney +, also thanks to an effective battery that ensures excellent autonomy of the device.


Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Android TV

You have a TV that is not too modern and you don't know how to access the main streaming apps such as Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime? Do not despair, because with this Xiaomi Mi TV Stick you will transform your panel into a smart device equipped with an Android operating system. By doing so, not before connecting everything with the convenient HDMI cable included in the package, death will open up to a myriad of services through which you can recover the best movies and TV series, clearly without giving up a good sound and video performance. , secured by 5.1 support and HDMI cable, as specified.


Roborock Dyad smart vacuum cleaner

Cleaning takes a lot of time, it's well known. A good instrumentation, however, a device capable of doing them at its best, can drastically reduce the hours and minutes that we usually invest. In this regard, there is the Roborock Dyad intelligent vacuum cleaner which, starting from basic functions such as dusting, is actually also useful for removing liquids scattered on the floor, various foods and much more! By doing so, you can use it just in case, and thanks to the system that allows the device to reach even the tightest corners and spaces, even in all rooms, from the bathroom to the kitchen!


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