A few preview pages from Il Sogno di Vitruvio published by saldaPress

A few preview pages from Il Sogno di Vitruvio published by saldaPress

Thanks to the collaboration with saldaPress, we offer you a selection of preview pages from Il Sogno di Vitruvio. This is the new graphic novel by Michele Petrucci, author of Messner. The mountain, the void, the phoenix and The insatiable as well as the author of several short stories that appeared in Internazionale and Il Corriere della Sera, which will be available in bookstores and comics from November 25th.

The Dream of Vitruvius is a fantastic investigation that mixes archeology and history of art in an original way, combining the points of a fascinating mystery that spans time. An original graphic novel produced by saldaPress thanks to a project by the Centro Studi Vitruviani which, in addition to supervising the comic history from a historiographical point of view, also curates an interesting study on the figure of Vitruvius signed by Professor Daniela Amadei who enriches and closes the volume.

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The preview pages from Il Sogno di Vitruvio published by saldaPress

Here are the preview pages from Il Sogno di Vitruvio:

This is the synopsis:

The Dream of Vitruvius revolves around the figure of Vitruvius and the mystery surrounding the work and thought of the famous Roman architect. Marco Vitruvio Pollione is in fact the author of the only treatise on Roman architecture that has come down to us intact from antiquity, the De Architectura, a very important text not only from the historical point of view but also from the philosophical one, fundamental for architecture and western culture. A point of reference for the thought of great figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Bramante, Andrea Palladio, Le Corbusier and many others. And in the city of Fano there are precisely the remains of the Basilica, the only designed building built by Vitruvius described in his manual. There are many hypotheses regarding the location of these remains and Livio, the protagonist of the story, will have to deal with them to get to the bottom of a personal obsession that binds him to the Basilica and its builder.

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