What does the draft smart working contract for public workers foresee

What does the draft smart working contract for public workers foresee

Each public office will have to establish a 15% of activities that can be carried out remotely. The work will be divided into three bands: operability, contactability and inoperability.

Renato Brunetta (Photo: Massimo Di Vita / Getty Images) Smart working will not be abandoned with the exit from the pandemic crisis, but a contract for agile work for public employees should arrive in a month. The new contracts for remote work will probably be individual and temporary, they will specify how many days of work will be carried out in person or from home and will also identify the place in which to carry out their business, which cannot be outside Italy. This is what we learn from the statements of the Minister for Public Administration Renato Brunetta and from the draft contract sent to the trade unions by the Agency for the negotiating representation of public administrations (Aran).

As the end of the state approaches emergency, scheduled for next 31 December, each public office will have to adopt the Organizational Plan for agile work (the so-called Pola), which identifies a maximum of 15% of activities to be carried out at home, despite the percentage of employees in smart working is still around 50% today. However, Pola is only an internal organization plan and does not concern the contractual modalities with which to regulate it. For this Aran has prepared the first draft contract for the workers of the so-called central functions, that is, ministries, tax agencies and non-economic public bodies.

How will the new remote work contracts work?

According to what reported by Corriere della Sera, the contracts will be made individually between administrations and workers and the duration will be agreed , the days in which you can work from home and the place in which to work, which cannot be outside national borders. Furthermore, the working time for smart working in public administrations will be divided into 3 bands: operation, contactability and inoperability. This specification serves to separate working time from free time and to prevent the worker from being in the situation of always being operational. In fact, in the last phase, the employee will be guaranteed complete disconnection.

In which cases will it be possible to work remotely?

However, not all male and female workers will be able to use remote work. According to what is always read in the Corriere della Sera, agile work will be activated only "for work processes and activities previously identified by the administrations, for which the necessary organizational and technological requirements exist to operate in this way". Some categories of workers will be facilitated to access smart working, such as parents with sons and daughters under 3 or with disabilities and disabled workers. While workers employed in shifts and those requiring the use of equipment that cannot be used remotely will be excluded from remote work.

And in the private sector?

It may also be useful in the private sector approve legislation relating to agile work. The Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando expressed his views on the subject and, as reported by Ansa, underlined the need for a “national framework agreement on remote work. For this he will call the social partners to reopen the discussion, because individual bargaining cannot respond to phenomena that have developed in recent months. He must take into account the issue of the right to disconnect, because the difference between rest and work time is fading ”. The minister then added that he is ready to initiate a legislative process to regulate these working relationships if an agreement is not reached between the social partners.

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