What does the basic text for the decriminalization of cannabis approved by the Justice Commission say

What does the basic text for the decriminalization of cannabis approved by the Justice Commission say

The cultivation of a maximum of 4 plants for personal use would be allowed and the penalties for trafficking, holding and selling of large quantities would be increased. A measure to protect consumers and against narcotics.

(photo: Bloomberg Creative Photos / Getty Images). The process of decriminalizing cannabis has taken a big step forward. The Justice Committee of the Chamber has in fact approved the basic text of the new legislation, which proposes to allow its cultivation for personal use, while at the same time increasing the penalties for trafficking, detention and the sale of large quantities. However, the process for its approval is still long and before it can be brought to the Chamber it will have to go through the vote on the amendments that will be proposed and voted on in the committee.

The text adopted in the committee aims to modify the Consolidated Law on narcotics, in force since 1990, authorizing home cultivation for personal use, reducing penalties for minor offenses and increasing them for serious cannabis-related offenses. After a year of debate, the parliamentary groups have managed to reach what has been called a "reasonable synthesis" by the president of the commission and speaker of the text Mario Pierantoni, in the M5s quota.

The Democratic Party, the 5-star Movement, Liberi e equuali and the Radicals, Italia Viva abstained. Instead, all the right-wing parties confirmed their opposition, for which the new cannabis legislation would not be a priority for Italy. In support of new legislation, the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor, Federico Cafiero De Raho, expressed himself in January, according to which "legalizing soft drugs would take away space for the mafias" he said on the pages of L'Espresso, adding then that the Italian rules on the subject "they are obsolete".

What the bill says

Article 1 allows "the cultivation and possession for personal use of no more than four females of cannabis, suitable and aimed at the production of narcotic substance and the product obtained from them ".

Article 2 increases the penalties relating to the trafficking, possession and sale of large quantities of cannabis, providing for" imprisonment from 8 to 20 years " and a fine "from 30 thousand to 300 thousand euros", while the current penalties provide for imprisonment from 3 to 12 years and fines from 20 thousand to 250 thousand euros.

Article 3, on the other hand, reduces the penalties for crimes involving the possession or transfer of quantities defined as "minor", which would lead to imprisonment of up to one year for crimes related to cannabis and 2 for those related to other substances. Furthermore, "public utility works" are introduced as alternative measures to detention, for a maximum of two times after which arrest would still be triggered.

The decriminalization of cannabis in the world

2020 was a historic year for cannabis, after the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs removed it from its list of the most dangerous substances for humans, following more than 70 years of demonization and criminalization. In addition, there are already several countries around the world that have decriminalized, legalized or liberalized the use of this plant, many of which in the European Union. These measures, in addition to being fundamental to steal billions of euros from the illegal market of organized crime, are also very important to encourage the harm reduction strategies suggested by the UN. This expression refers to public policies aimed at reducing the negative effects that fall on drug users, in terms of healthcare, social and legal inclusion, alternatives to rigid criminalization policies.

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