Twitter launches a subscription plan for exclusive content

Twitter launches a subscription plan for exclusive content

It's called Super Follow and will be available for iOS only in North America for now. However, the social network is also working on bitcoin payments and ways to limit abuse on the platform

Photo: Aytac Unal / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images September is expected to be a month of news for Twitter. The microblogging platform has announced the implementation or test of various features, starting with Super Follow, the new system of exclusive subscription-based content of the social network, which has been talked about since February.

Since yesterday Super Follow is available to select iOS users in the US and Canada who had applied to try it out. Twitter has made it known, however, that the news will be available to more and more people around the world in the coming weeks and will also reach Android users and on the web.

Users already enabled can choose the "premium" tweets that will appear in the timeline of subscribers only. Twitter offers three subscription plans for Super Follow: $ 2.99 / month, $ 4.99 / month, and $ 9.99 / month to allow people to "monetize bonus and behind-the-scenes content for their most engaged followers." .

However, you can always put yourself on a waiting list to re-enter the Super Follow program when it is extended. For now, to be eligible, a user must have at least 10,000 followers, be 18, have tweeted 25 times in the past 30 days, live in the United States, and comply with Twitter's Super Follow policy.

Twitter Super Follow: Photo: via Twitter The company claims that users can take up to 97% of their subscription revenue after fees, up to a limit of $ 50,000 with all Twitter monetization products. Beyond this threshold, Twitter claims that users can earn up to 80% after commissions.

Twitter in recent months has been working a lot on ways to allow its users to monetize their presence on the platform and keep up with other social networks like Facebook and TikTok that are focusing on content creators. For example, it has added a function to make offers to creators called Tip Jar, Exclusive paid spaces, a button to subscribe to newsletters and is testing a section dedicated to shopping.

One of the other news of these days concerns itself the Tip Jar, the virtual offer jar through which users can send money to the creators they follow to support them. Currently this feature only accepts traditional currencies, but Twitter is working to allow payments in bitcoin as well.

The feature was first revealed by app developer and researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. The news was then confirmed by Twitter's product area chief, Kayvon Beykpour, who confirmed that the social network is indeed working to implement bitcoin transactions on Tip Jar.

⚡️🔜 https: //

- Kayvon Beykpour (@kayvz) September 1, 2021

Jack Dorsey's platform later revealed that it started testing a another option expected by many. It is called Security mode, it can be activated from the privacy and security settings and will guarantee an automatic defense against insults and harassment on the app for a period of seven days, renewable. This mode is based on an algorithm that will filter out potential threats, evaluating the content of tweets and the relationship between an account and those who respond to it.

The new functionality will initially be available for a "small feedback group" of approximately 1,000 English-speaking users. Twitter said it used the advice of mental health, cyber security and human rights experts, among others, to structure this function. The social media company specified that in this test phase it will attempt to reach accounts that often receive waves of hate.

Earlier this year, Twitter announced that it was working on developing new anti features. -abuses, including an option to allow users to remove their own tag from the threads they were quoted in and a way to prevent serial harassers from mentioning them in the future. Threats, insults and harassment are not the prerogative of Twitter, of course, but the social network knows that these episodes happen and in the long run lead some people to abandon the app. For this reason he is trying to run for cover.

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