PlayStation Store: the releases of the week, from The Medium to WRC 10

PlayStation Store: the releases of the week, from The Medium to WRC 10

PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store returns to update itself, and it does so in this case with the debut of a title particularly awaited by PS5 owners, namely The Medium. After the Xbox exclusive, the horror adventure of Bloober Team has in fact also landed on the new Sony console, bringing with it its load of atmospheres and innovative solutions.

However, it is also the week of WRC 10, the latest edition of the rally game by KT Racing, which offers the usual, rich structure full of events with an eye towards historical events and the cars that have been protagonists. Finally, Clid the Snail, Rustler and KeyWe arrive.

The Medium

The Medium, the protagonist explores one of the game's scenarios After Layers of Fear, Observer and Blair Witch, The Medium (PS5 , € 49.99) marks the entry of Bloober Team into adulthood, at least from the point of view of production ambitions. And so, at last the time exclusive that linked the game to Microsoft platforms is over, it is time that even the owners of PlayStation 5 can experience first-hand the peculiar mechanics of the double reality at the basis of this experience.

The story which is told is that of Marianne, a medium who can communicate with spirits and who one day receives a mysterious phone call, which invites her to go to an abandoned hotel to discover the true nature of her abilities. Once she reaches the Niwa Resort, the girl comes into contact with a parallel reality thanks to her astral projection and there she faces unexpected pitfalls. Real or not?

To find out what is really hidden on the other side we will have to explore distressing environments and endure the inevitable tension of a well written and well directed horror adventure, accompanied by an excellent soundtrack but sometimes prey to sequences in which the actual interaction is reduced to a minimum, creating a bit of the walking simulator effect, as we wrote in the review of The Medium.

The PS5 version forgoes ray tracing effects to keep the resolution higher compared to what we saw on Xbox Series X and prevent the scaler from becoming too aggressive, while adding the welcome support to the peculiarities of the DualSense controller to enrich our in-game perceptions.

WRC 10

WRC 10, a corner tackled in drift One of the last episodes of the series developed by KT Racing (from 2023 the franchise will pass into the hands of Codemasters), WRC 10 (PS5, € 59.99; PS4, € 49.99) starts from bases of the preceding edition to offer us an even more full-bodied and interesting experience, which focuses in particular on the historical and nostalgic value of the great classics both in terms of events and cars.

And so, among the inevitable innovations introduced under the gameplay profile, which tends to remain arcade, we see the addition of the four new rallies of the last season (Estonia, Croatia, Belgium and Spain) and its fifty-two official teams, as well as six historic rallies and twenty legendary cars that will go undoubtedly to stir the feelings of the fans of the old guard.

Once on the track, the experience is confirmed as fun, the new locations are well represented on the screen and, together with the new modes, complete the picture of an offer that appears sufficiently full-bodied and varied, certainly capable of pleasantly entertaining lovers of the genre.

As we wrote in the WRC 10 review, however , the amount of new elements in the end does not scream a miracle and we are faced with an episode that is all in all conservative, still lacking adequate support for the steering wheels and with some technical problems that it would have been nice to see finally eliminated.

Clid the Snail

Clid the Snail, a spectacular fighting sequence Developed by the small Spanish team Weird Beluga Studios, Clid the Snail (PS4, € 19.99) puts us in command of a ... warrior snail, against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world, in which human beings have become extinct and their place has been taken by animals, which have evolved accordingly. But there is no shortage of threats, represented by hordes of dangerous droolers.

Thus, together with a group of friends (a hedgehog, a bat, a turtle and a chameleon), the protagonist of the game will have to go on a mission and exterminate enemies using any weapon available, in a gameplay that refers to the genre of shooters with a top view and that fills the screen with sequences with a high rate of spectacle. More details in our tried and tested Clid the Snail.

More games to come

Rustler and its GTA-style top view Rustler (PS5 and PS4, € 29.99) resumes the classic formula of the original Grand Theft Auto, with its top-down view and wide explorable environments, to apply it to a medieval context in which, under the command of a small brigand, we will have to earn fame and glory until we become the champions of the Grand Tournament and marry the beautiful princess. A pipe dream? We talked about it in the Rustler review.

KeyWe (PS5 and PS4, € 24.99) is instead an original party game with several elements in common with Overcooked!, But a completely different setting: a post office run by birds. It goes without saying that the situations played out by the game are as absurd as they are fun, since we will have to manage the functions of the agency and the logistics by fluttering and tapping where necessary. KeyWe tested.

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