PlayStation Store: Deathloop and Tales of Arise

PlayStation Store: Deathloop and Tales of Arise

PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store has been the protagonist of a couple of really interesting updates, which have brought to the Sony digital platform titles of the caliber of Deathloop and Tales of Arise, produced by Bethesda and Bandai Namco respectively, but not only.

They are in fact, the engaging adventure Life is Strange: True Colors and the new edition of the basketball simulation par excellence, NBA 2K22, have also arrived, together with a welcome return, that of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, with a pleasant and colorful remaster.


Deathloop, Colt and Julianna in a combat sequence Deathloop (PS5, € 69.99) is the new title developed by Arkane Studios, the authors of Dishonored and Prey, made exclusively for PS5 consoles . This is an innovative and surprising experience in which we take on the role of Colt, a hitman who finds himself trapped on the mysterious island of Blackreef along with a skilled assassin in charge of killing him, Julianna.

The point is that the whole scenario is subject to a time loop that causes the same day to repeat indefinitely, and it seems that the only way to defuse this mechanism is to eliminate eight key targets before the sun sets and the cycle starts all over again . Will we be able to succeed in the enterprise?

Equipped with a rich arsenal, as well as with a set of special skills, we will have to make full use of all the resources at our disposal to move around the island, face any threats , escape Julianna's traps and in the meantime achieve our goals, freely choosing the approach we wish to use.

A formula that, as written in our Deathloop review, turns out to be guessed and convincing right from the start, thanks also to a story told in a masterly way, full of charismatic characters, and to a gameplay that offers continuously highly spectacular situations.

Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise, the main characters of the game Long awaited by fans of the series produced by Bandai Namco, Tales of Arise (PS5 and PS4</a> , € 69.99) tells the story of two twin planets, Rena and Dahna, and of how the inhabitants of the latter world have experienced substantial submission for centuries. However, when the two protagonists of the game, Alphen and Shionne, meet, they realize that they are destined to change things.

Alphen is in fact a slave of Dahna who feels no pain, Shionne a rebel of Rena struck by a curse that causes excruciating pangs to anyone who touches it: a perfect match, soon joined by other memorable characters to form a close-knit group determined to make the revolution, in the context of an exciting plot and with the support of a system really well done combat. To find out more, here's the review of Tales of Arise.

Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors, starring Alex Chen Life is Strange: True Colors ( PS5 and PS4, € 59.99) marks the return of Square Enix's famous narrative adventure, once again with a project developed by Deck Nine Games, the authors of the Before the Storm prequel. The story is completely new and sees Alex Chen return to his hometown to understand what lies behind the sudden death of his brother.

As per tradition for the series, Alex possesses special abilities, specifically, he is able to perceive and direct the emotions of other people. You will therefore have to use this power to find out everything possible about what happened, making difficult decisions that will not fail to influence the course of events and produce a different ending for the game. Here's the review of Life is Strange: True Colors.

More games to come

NBA 2K22, one of the NBA 2K22 featured players (PS5, € 74.99; PS4, 69 , € 99) is the new edition of the Visual Concepts basketball game, which, while not revolutionizing the system seen last year, introduces important improvements on the gameplay front, in particular as regards the yield of fatigue, and keeps the quantity high of content with which you can try your hand. The review of NBA 2K22.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate (PS4, € 39.99) instead marks the return of a SEGA title released over ten years ago, Sonic Colors precisely, with a remaster that convincingly updates the graphics of the game up to bring it to 4K and 60 fps, introduces some new extras and a pleasant dubbing in Italian but does not eliminate the limits of the original, especially as regards the reactivity of the controls. The review of Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch (PS5 and PS4, € 29.99) is a metroidvania-style action game with a peculiar dieselpunk setting, with anthropomorphic animals as protagonists and a two-and-a-half-dimensional setting that works particularly well with this type of formula, inviting us to explore all the districts of Torch City and eliminate the many threats along the way. The review of FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch.

Lost in Random (PS5 and PS4, € 29.99) is finally the latest adventure developed by Zoink !, inspired by gothic fairy tales and characterized by truly fascinating atmospheres . Catapulted into the mysterious kingdom of Alea, we will have to face the troops of the evil queen in a rather original combat system, enriched by a set of cards but a bit repetitive: we talked about it in the review of Lost in Random.

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