We tried to understand what interests most citizens of Bologna on social media in view of the administrative

We tried to understand what interests most citizens of Bologna on social media in view of the administrative

Wired conducted an analysis with the DeRev agency on the articles that received the most interactions on social media to highlight the hot topics of the administrative offices: they are work, culture and politics

Image by gustavozini from Pixabay It will be which for decades has been one of the symbolic cities of the Italian Communist Party, which the mayor has expressed here continuously for 40 years, but the topic that arouses most interest among the Bolognese present on social networks is work. The overview dedicated to the cities that will go to the elections at the beginning of October ends with Bologna. Which arrives in the Emilian capital after touching Rome, Milan, Naples and Turin.

The analysis

To collect data exclusively for Wired for the five main Italian cities that will go to the vote on 3 and 4 October, that is Milan, Turin, Bologna and Naples, as well as Rome, was DeRev, a company that deals with digital services and strategies. The objective of this analysis is to try to understand, from an unconventional angle, what are the issues that are most dear to the voters and how much they correspond to the arguments debated by the candidates for mayors.

The team of analysts, led by digital strategist Claudio Calveri, it considered the first 300 articles by number of interactions published between 1 April and 13 July dedicated to each of the cities called to vote. Obviously, by examining the data of some social networks and of a predetermined period (which is dominated, at least at the beginning, by the pandemic crisis), this research offers a partial view of the debated topics.

According to Digital 2021 We are social and Hootsuite report, in January 2021 there were 31 million Italians registered on Facebook and 2.8 million with a Twitter profile. That is, respectively, half and one twentieth of the entire population.

And it cannot be definitive, also because election campaigns are always ready for twists and turns. However, it allows you to look at the issues that most move a slice of potential voters (those who have profiles on Facebook and Twitter) and on a channel that, often as in the election campaign, leverages the emotional factor from another perspective. >
In addition, DeRev analysts have selected a basin of news, concerning the territory, so that the specific interest of users could design a community linked to it, reconstructing the meaning of the debate, and without collecting personal data. It was not possible to isolate the reactions of only the people residing in the cities considered.

This is for various reasons: privacy reasons, because the platforms allow not to indicate this data, not to make it public or to select one that it does not necessarily correspond to the real one. To overcome this limitation, it was decided to focus the analysis on local news articles, which interest and generate reactions in individual communities.

Work, culture and politics

Businesses, workers and economic revitalization of the territory: this category includes the news that generated the greatest number of interactions by social users interested in the events in Bologna. An interest that is not the result of problems related to unemployment.

In fact, according to Istat, in 2020 the metropolitan city of Bologna was the second Italian reality with the highest employment rate. Here, in fact, 71.5% of people between the ages of 15 and 64 had a job. It was better only in Bolzano, where 72.2% of the population in the same age group worked.

The second most felt theme, according to DeRev's analysis, is culture. The reference here is to news concerning initiatives and events, places and projects. While in third place there is politics, with the caveat that the interest in this specific issue may be linked to the fact that the candidacies closed between spring and summer.

Instead, they remain in bottom of the thematic rankings of interest related to transport, tourism and city identity, all issues that have not registered particular interactions by the Bolognese social users.

The electoral campaign

Meanwhile there are eight candidates for the highest seat in Palazzo d'Accursio. The main names are those of the current Councilor for Culture Matteo Lepore for the center-left in alliance with the M5S, the entrepreneur Fabio Battistini for the center-right. But in the city of the left par excellence, the Communist Workers' Party, which nominates Federico Bacchiocchi, and the left of Potere al Popolo, which supports Marta Collot, could not be missing.

And, if it is true that the history of the left Italian is a story of splits, two candidates who escaped from that 5 Star Movement that runs with the left here could not be missing: Dora Palumbo and Andrea Tosatto. Who knows that this might not explain the great interest of the Bolognese in politics related issues.

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