Open letter to candidates for mayors on digital

Open letter to candidates for mayors on digital

Wired publishes the appeal of a group of experts that lists the candidates for administrative offices the priorities in the technological field, increasingly central to the administration of a city

The Pepper robot * This letter was written by Luna Bianchi , Matteo Navacci, Diletta Huyskes of the Privacy Advocacy team

Network and Luca Sambucci, artificial intelligence expert at Snglr Group.

Dear candidates and candidates,

Citizens' lives have never been connected to computers like today. Our administrative and social systems are one with the computer networks that make them work. Computer networks keep public services, finance, health care, and the entire Italian productive fabric in place. Through digital today, social, aggregative, family and even electoral relationships are created and traveled.

However, it is wrong - as many still do - to consider such means as simple aseptic and neutral vectors, like simple tools for work or leisure. Digital represents a set of complex systems that have the power to mark and influence our world. This power can improve our living conditions or make them worse. New technologies have the power to shape every human, public and private sphere: social, work, political or health.

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