Percussion drills | The best of September 2021

Percussion drills | The best of September 2021

After taking a look at the best drills and screwdrivers, the time has come to focus our attention on another type of product, namely impact drills. This last solution is ideal if you have to drill a wall made of a resistant material, consequently for all those processes that require more drilling force (iron and concrete, so to speak).

Drills percussion machines, however, can be used as simple screwdrivers to carry out all those simple operations (screwing / unscrewing screws) and drilling light materials, such as wood. There are many models on the market, each characterized by different hardware functions (wattage, autonomy and structure), which is why we have decided to offer you a purchase guide, along the lines of those specified in the previous paragraph.

Read also: Screwdrivers | The best of May 2021 As a reference point, before moving on to our review of the best products, is Amazon Italy. We have deliberately chosen the US store because it guarantees excellent after-sales assistance (if there are any problems, editor's note), excellent availability of products and accessories and, finally, fast shipping. So, without going too far, we wish you a good reading and a good shopping.

Editor's note: we have updated this article to September 16, 2021 with a new addition!

The best hammer drills

Einhell TC-ID650E Black + Decker BEH850K-QS Bosch Home and Garden PBH 2100 RE Bosch Professional GSB 13 R Cordless Drill TECCPO

Einhell TC -ID650E

We inaugurate this buying guide with a hammer drill developed by Einhell, specifically the TC-ID650E model. It is a mostly economical solution, because it boasts the basic technical characteristics to be able to effectively perform the least impregnating jobs. It boasts a 650 W electric motor and an electronic speed governor with a preselector, as well as a practical belt clip. And then, it has a keyless chuck that allows you to accommodate different drilling tools.

Black + Decker BEH850K-QS

Black + Decker is a consolidated reality in this market segment, in fact all its products guarantee high performance, in all sectors. Among these we mention the Black + Decker BEH850K-QS, an 850W hammer drill that represents the perfect balance between performance and compact and handy design. Thanks to its high percussion action from 0-54,400 strokes per minute, masonry work becomes easy and within everyone's reach. Inside there is a variable speed motor from 0-3,100 rpm, which allows for a controlled start. The sales package also includes a side handle, six tips and a case. Its selling price is about 65 euros.

Bosch Home and Garden PBH 2100 RE

The drill percussion hammer Bosch Home and Garden PBH 2100 RE is a compact rotary hammer with powerful performance. It tackles any material effortlessly and is therefore perfect for any use, thanks to its 550 watts of power. The 1.7 Joule power Bosch pneumatic impact mass also guarantees efficient work, which is completely untied from the pressure exerted. This action allows you to easily drill all materials, even the hardest. Its design also allows you to work with maximum comfort, thanks to its compact design, soft-grip coating and its low weight (of only 2.2 kg). If you are interested, its selling price is around 90 euros.

Bosch Professional GSB 13 RE

Bosch Professional GSB 13 RE is another product belonging to the already complete Bosch stable. With a power of 1,300 watts and a power output of 695 watts, the GSB 21-2 RCT Professional is one of the best percussion drills ever created around. It boasts a high torque of up to 43 Nm, which allows this drill to be used for all those heavier applications with large diameters. Among its features, we also find the Bosch Constant Electronic system, which ensures the possibility of working comfortably, keeping the number of revolutions constant, in all circumstances. Compared to the previous products, this drill is available at a price over 100 euros.

Cordless Drill TECCPO

We close the buying guide with the TECCPO drill with percussion function. Its technical characteristics include a 60Nm brushless motor, which allows you to carry out any work without internal friction, thus allowing the product to deliver up to 50% more power. Therefore it can be used to drill screws in metal, wood, concrete and many other materials. As specified, the drill in question has 3 functions (drill, screwdriver and hammer drill), 21 torque adjustment positions, two variable speeds (0-500 / 0-2000 rpm). Being a screwdriver drill, inside its package there are also two 18V batteries that guarantee good autonomy. The sale price to win this gem is 149.99 euros.

How to choose the best percussion drills

After taking a look at the product review and as in our previous article, dedicated to the best drill / drivers, we explain below the technical specifications to be taken into consideration in impact drills. Without further ado, the specifications are:

Power and Speed ​​Structure and Safety Accessories

Power and Speed ​​

When we talk about power we think of brute force. This is a very fundamental aspect and to be taken into consideration before making such a purchase. Nowadays it is essential to have a hammer drill capable of reaching 1500-2000 revolutions per minute, a score that allows you to drill any material.

Structure and Safety

The structure of a hammer drill must be solid and must guarantee good ergonomics. If a drill ensured a good grip, safety would certainly be at the top, because all those problems such as slipping are prevented.


Buying a product with an excellent quality / price ratio is important, but another fundamental feature is the initial supply of accessories. Therefore, we advise you to buy percussion drills with some accessories in the package, in order to save some extra money from your eventual and future purchase.

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