Mechajammer, we tried the new demo of the interesting turn-based cyberpunk RPG

Mechajammer, we tried the new demo of the interesting turn-based cyberpunk RPG


Mechajammer is a cyberpunk CRPG with horror tones that drags us into a futuristic colonial world, taking as a basis for the gameplay, the isometric view and the creation of the characters works such as Wasteland and the first Fallout, real cornerstones of the genre. Hence a free exploration that turns into a turn-based strategy when we enter combat, which happens quite frequently in the new demo, available on Steam.

The single player title of Whalenought Studios, developed by a a decidedly small team published by the prolific Modern Wolf, has already shown itself to the public, first back in 2016 with a first taste that led to the financing of the $ 40,000 Kickstarter campaign, then with a first demo. But a new updated demo has arrived, available on Steam, to which we owe our tried Mechajammer.

A limited but interesting demo

The Mechajammer demo includes a shy glimpse of the dialogue Unfortunately this new demo fails to clarify several doubts, but it is still an exploratory demonstration that includes only part of the game, a large open world destined to also have areas outside the urban ones, and very little of the substance of the game. But something of the plot, which in the final game will lead us to a confrontation with a mysterious syndicate, can be glimpsed in the initial dialogues, inside the first building to be explored where there are some companions, one of which is a half zombie and half robot doctor. which acts as a respawn point in case of death.

The rest is made up of dialogues that do not seem to have tangible effects on the game and exploration even if there is a sort of mission, which we have not been able to interpret, which can be consulted in a diary that also records the data that we copy from the floppies found around and it allows us to write notes, which suggests that we will have to mark certain information to proceed. Having said that there is little else, but it is, as the game itself warns us when starting a game, a small part of the game, devoid of much of the content and extra-city missions. It is not the case, it is clear, to expect a classic structure, considering that the developers themselves have stated that we will not have to waste time with secondary missions with dogs to save or people to help, but we expect something more than an empty corner of the world and all the same.

Having said that, the limited demo nevertheless gave us the opportunity to try an updated version of an isometric title for a few hours that not only allows you to customize your character in detail, but also includes the management of various companions, which can be divided into different groups, for large-scale combat and stealth gameplay, complete with visual cones, noise detection, cover and stun attacks. Enough to avoid fighting, at least in some situations. In other cases, in fact, we happen to find ourselves in the midst of unstoppable hordes of ghouls, herds of angry mice or teams of relentless agents who appear when we commit any crime, even if we inadvertently touch a vehicle while we roam the streets of the urban jungle that acts as a theater to a still obscure title.

Character Creation

Mechajammer's character creation includes gender, age, seven unique characteristics and various abilities If nothing else in the demo, which starts near a complex to explore and plunder, we were able to exploit different abilities of our character, as anticipated customizable in detail as per the tradition of the genre. Among the options available there are, in fact, a lot of specializations in different types of weapons, including lasers and knives, and the oratory ability, hopefully destined to have some more usefulness than the sole possibility of convincing the inhabitants of the city. to follow us and fight alongside us, however useful in full Syndicate Persuadertron style. There is also no shortage of hacking which is useful for obtaining money, the repair of weapons that deteriorate with use and the inevitable ability to break in.

All this is based on the basic characteristics that choosing a custom hero they are decided with a six-sided roll of the dice and include endurance, strength, grace, perception, learning ability, coldness and the occult, an important element in a title full of dark mysteries and blood that flows into the supernatural, both in the themes and in the visual style, recalling in part, in the setting, in the rhythms and in the cut, even the legendary Shadowrun for Super Nintendo.

The interface of Mechajammer is delightful, albeit spartan and still incomplete Returning to the character, there is no shortage of the classic three profiles set, useful for immediately getting into action, but take away some of the satisfaction that includes the choice of sex , including the non-binary one in accordance with modernity, and age, from 26 to 35 years, which automatically enriches the background and any traits of our avatar. The experience gained in fact guarantees greater skills, but also possible disturbances caused a life inevitably made difficult by a hostile environment that still surrounds us and to which we must survive. This is in fact the objective of a title that, as we have anticipated, is indebted to the cornerstones of the turn-based CRPGs, but takes its own path. In fact, it is also inspired by Deus Ex and 80s films such as Escape From New York, Robocop and Terminator, which brings us back to the promise of a structure devoid of secondary missions and focused on involvement and adrenaline.


Like any self-respecting turn-based game, Mechajammer also includes different types of attacks, including non-lethal ones For the same reason the gameplay is based on micro turns that allow us to act in the midst of opposing actions . The use of staggered turns fragments the fight into a flurry of partial actions that allow us to understand if someone is about to shoot us, wants to throw a Molotov cocktail at us or is about to take another action. We can then react appropriately, which includes different types of attacks selectable with the mouse wheel, or try to interrupt an attack, instead of trying to predict what will happen and passively suffer the consequences of our choices as happens in standard turn-based titles. .

And it is something that works well in combat, regardless of the type of enemy, effectively blending strategy and adrenaline thanks to a system that gives the feeling of playing almost in real time. On the other hand, he focuses on the clashes, which seem to represent a large part of the experience and, we said, are too difficult to avoid. Suffice it to say that sometimes, stealth or not, it is enough to wander around a prohibited installation to be chased by enemies, who among other things do not seem to enjoy a particularly brilliant artificial intelligence, although from time to time they look for cover and not. be careful to call for reinforcements.

Unwanted fights, and destined to end in blood, are a constant of Mechajammer In any case, it is too early to express themselves. As we said, it is a small part of the game, deprived of a lot of content and designed mainly to give us the opportunity to explore, to try to infiltrate some closed areas, to trade, to try different weapons with relative bullets, to collect various items that include different types of food and become familiar with the streets crowded with desperate, mutant and enemy. But the shortcomings aren't just about the limitations imposed on the demo or the animations, some delicious and others terrible.

The problems concern the foundations that tremble under the weight of an approximate guidance system, of assets whose variety is so limited as to make it difficult to distinguish one building from another and of a decidedly limited artificial intelligence, so much so that it is burdened heavily on the mechanics. Enough, in short, to feed some doubts, although the interesting combat system and the atmosphere still keep the hope alive that in the end the potential of Mechajammer, still without a launch date, can be fully expressed.

Mechajammer is a still incomplete title, raw and full of chiaroscuro that make it difficult to predict the final result. The valid combat system, the engaging atmosphere and the promises of the developers keep the curiosity and hope alive towards a project that we hope will surprise us and perhaps foresee other languages ​​besides just English.


Dynamic and interesting turn-based combat system The atmosphere is not lacking, complete with touches to the Blade Runner Lots of high-level sources of inspiration DOUBTS The foundations of the game are still very rough The driving system touches the sadism Very limited variety of assets Have you noticed any errors?

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