Hawkeye trailer: Kate Bishop debuts

Hawkeye trailer: Kate Bishop debuts

Hawkeye trailer

Marvel and Disney + have released the Hawkeye trailer. We are obviously talking about the original TV series which, as previously reported, will debut on the streaming platform on November 24th.

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Hawkeye trailer: Kate Bishop debuts

Hawkeye, will be directed by Johnathan Igla, and will see Jeremy Renner return as Clint Barton joined by Hailee Steinfeld / Kate Bishop, Vera Farmiga / Eleanor Bishop, Kate's mother, Tony Dalton / Jack Duquesne, mentor to Barton and Alaqua Cox / Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, deaf Native American heroine who can perfectly replicate any movement she sees. She should also do the return of her Florence Pugh, the Yelena Belova we met in Black Widow.

Apparently, the tv series should take inspiration from the cycle of stories by Matt Fraction and David Aja, recently reprinted by Panini Marvel in an omnibus that you find on Amazon. While waiting for some more details on the plot, find out where the series could fit in the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here is the trailer for Hawkeye:

Fans are eager to see Steinfeld in the role of Bishop also because she has repeatedly declared her passion for comics:

For As for comics, having this world of infinite information is great. I've always loved comics. I've always been someone who loved the visual arts and a big book with anything over 200-250 pages has always intimidated me, so comics have always been something I've been drawn to. For this reason I've always enjoyed reading them, examining them and discovering the elements of Kate Bishop that will bring the show to life.

Marvel producer Trinh Tran previously teased that fans can expect a movie-style experience from all Disney + shows, including Hawkeye:

We're treating our shows as if we were making our feature films. I mean, the feel and quality of these TV shows will be like the Marvel movies you've seen before. This has always been the mindset of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige to make sure that when people watch these episodes it will feel like they're watching a long movie, but instead of two and a half hours, it's much longer. And the idea behind some characters who get their shows is that through a series there is more chance of developing them instead of making a short film.

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