Geek Wireless Chargers | The best

Geek Wireless Chargers | The best

Comfortable, functional and elegant: wireless chargers are certainly one of the most interesting products of recent years and, especially in recent years, they are becoming more and more trendy items. This is because, as often happens when the demand for a product increases, there is a truly incredible range of choice: perfect solutions for every need and for all budgets ... In short, there really is something for everyone.

With this article we want to point out the best geek wireless chargers, designed for those who want to charge their smartphone or devices without giving up that little personal touch that refers to their great passions. We at have chosen seven of the best geek wireless chargers for you, all of the highest quality, portable and with all the convenience that comes with the absence of cables.

The best geek wireless charger

Ghostbusters wireless charger Back to the Future Sonic wireless charger Knight Rider wireless charger Minions wireless charger Jurassic Park wireless charger Jaws wireless charger

Ghostbusters wireless charger

Your smartphone is almost empty… Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! This wireless charger is the perfect solution for any fan of the Ivan Reitman saga: an officially licensed product featuring the series logo, but above all with a compact yet functional aesthetic. 10W of power to quickly recharge the battery of iPhone, Samsung smartphone, Nokia and many other devices. All contained in a convenient wireless charger in non-slip rubber with a truly iconic design.

Back to the Future wireless charger

A wireless charger for Back to the Future fans? It exists, and it's beautiful too! If you want to feel every day, at home or in the office, as catapulted into an adventure alongside Marty and Doc, this is the product for you. Officially licensed Back to the Future, with 10W of power for fast and wireless charging of many devices and a compact design that fantastically evokes one of the most beloved sagas in film history. And, not least, it's made of non-slip rubber to stay in place even when the DeLorean suddenly decides to jump back a few thousand years!

Sonic wireless charger

If you want a wireless charger that can guarantee you a really, really fast recharge this is the perfect product for you. After all, who better than Sonic The Hedgehog knows what speed means? An official SEGA product, made of non-slip rubber with a power of 10W for fast charging and without the need for wires. Compatible with iPhones, Samsung phones and many other devices for a versatile solution but, at the same time, with a compact and attractive design for any fan of the most beloved hedgehog in the world!

Knight Rider wireless charger

Do you remember Supercar? We are talking, in all probability, about one of the TV shows that most of all defined the legendary 80s: a real icon, as well as a truly unforgettable cult. Just as unforgettable is KITT, the car that was the real star of the series alongside David Hasselhoff, and to which the design of this wireless charger is strongly inspired. A product made of non-slip rubber, with official license and a power of 10W for fast charging of devices of various kinds.

Minions Wireless Charger

In recent years we have seen Minions really, really everywhere. Could a wireless charger inspired by the cute creatures of Despicable Me be missing? A power of 10W and an officially licensed design, for a high quality product perfect for guaranteeing fast and cable-free charging of many different types of devices. All made of non-slip rubber, and perfect for those who want to recharge their smartphone and much more in a really fun way.

Jurassic Park wireless charger

Since its release in 1993, Jurassic Park has effortlessly established itself as one of the most icons of the history of Pop Culture. After all, Steven Spielberg's film needs no introduction, and this Jurassic Park-inspired wireless charger is the perfect way to evoke the atmosphere of the film for any super-passionate fan. Officially licensed, with 10W power for fast, wireless charging of many devices and a compact design that fantastically evokes one of the most beloved series in world entertainment history.

Jaws wireless charger

Still keeping to the Spielberg theme, here is a wireless charger dedicated to another film that we can define a to say the least iconic: Lo Squalo, a film released almost fifty years ago but still worthy of being remembered as a great masterpiece. Made with an officially licensed design that recalls the main theme of the film, with 10W of power for fast charging of different devices and a non-slip rubber body this product, we assure you, will be the envy of every fan of Jaws and of Steven Spielberg!

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