From the Lidl trolleys to the coffee grinder, here are the Asmr that you will no longer be able to do without

From the Lidl trolleys to the coffee grinder, here are the Asmr that you will no longer be able to do without

From the Lidl trolleys to the coffee grinder

The collections of more particular sounds and Asmr that can be found on the web. From nostalgia for the old 56K modem to Lidl atmospheres

Photo by C D-X on Unsplash Anyone who has ever entered a beauty center is used to the compilations with the waves of the sea and the sounds of nature. But to relax, would you ever listen to the typical noises of a supermarket? Or the people who chew? If these hits aren't your thing, chances are they are still someone else's passion, as the web is full of collections of sounds, so to speak, peculiar. Not all are classic asmr, i.e. autonomous sensory meridian response or autonomous response of the sensory meridian: auditory stimulations, ranging from whispering to rustling, capable of causing what is called cerebral orgasm, a sort of sensation of tingling and pleasure. But surely these collections of noises have their own charm. Here are the weirdest.

In the corridors of Lidl

Allt annat är olidligt (translated from Swedish, means everything else is unbearable) is the title of the compilation launched by the discount chain Lidl in 2019. It is also found on Spotify and collects, in twenty-one tracks, the classic noises that can be heard while wandering through the corridors of a supermarket, from the creaking of trolley wheels to the notices made on the loudspeaker (in Swedish, of course ), until the rustle of the bags. The initiative is due to Lidl Sweden, which decided to record the most typical noises in its stores live.| There are also, for example, four minutes and two seconds of Trans-Siberian. Staying on the subject of rails, if you download the Nyc Subway Sounds app you can listen to all the most typical sounds of the New York subway at any time, from the stop alerts to the beep of ticket validation at the turnstiles.

People who chew

Those suffering from misophonia, the profound nuisance for some sounds, must stay away from videos of people eating, even if they make billions of views on YouTube. If, on the other hand, this sound relaxes you, know that there is something for all tastes: from McDonald's sandwiches to sushi. To stay on the subject of food, there is no shortage of videos dedicated to the noises that are produced in the kitchen while cooking: the Japanese Food Music channel collects, for example, the sound of the preparations of typical oriental dishes such as ramen.

In the office

The compilations dedicated to office life deserve a chapter of their own, which had some success in the hardest days of the lockdown. When, in order to recreate the atmosphere of the workplace in smart working, someone may have used them as a background to concentrate. If the topic interests you, you are spoiled for choice: you go from the Sound of Colleagues compilation on Spotify to the iMissTheOffice site, a sort of console that allows you to set how many colleagues you want to have virtually around, whether to make the phone ring, to add the the sound of a bottle of water or that of the keyboard.

Like in the restaurant

The Deliveroo initiative, which at the beginning of 2021, proposed two audio tracks that reproduce the typical restaurant sounds, from the orders made to the waiters to the dishes placed on the table. The suggestion is to listen to them while you eat, at home, what you ordered with the delivery service, to feel less isolated. Now that the restaurants have reopened you can still find them relaxing (or use them to stimulate your appetite ...).

From the past

What noise does a typewriter make? And a coffee grinder? The Conserve the Sound site is a German project that has recorded and collected the sounds of outdated everyday objects (remember the click of analog cameras?) And archived them so they don't get lost. For internet fetishists, however, you can hear 15 minutes of attempts to connect a 56K modem on YouTube. A dive into nostalgia!

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