Digital and PA, the Aruba Enterprise email infrastructure for the Metropolitan City of Milan

Digital and PA, the Aruba Enterprise email infrastructure for the Metropolitan City of Milan

Digital and PA

As part of the reorganization of digital and information processes, the institution turned to the provider who guarantees advanced e-mail solutions developed on ad hoc projects for the Public Administration

(credit: Nancy Laporta) (they were established in 2014 with law 56) metropolitan cities, just like the rest of the public administration, are grappling with numerous challenges, including those of digital transformation, towards the outside but also within their own walls. In the first case, the goal is to redesign urban services from a smart perspective and promote social innovation as a driver of inclusion, therefore for citizenship; in its perimeter, on the other hand, it is necessary to use technological solutions to improve processes, enhance data, make the available professionals work better.

Simplifying and innovating is also one of the objectives of the Metropolitan City of Milan, which has inherited since 2015 some functions of the province and therefore deals with a wide range of issues for the benefit of its 133 municipalities, from territorial planning to mobility, to the promotion of economic and social development to the coordination of computerization and digitization systems in the metropolitan area.

By its nature, the City is confronted with numerous actors for very cross-cutting reasons, and also from this perspective, the importance of a reliable, secure e-mail service with excellent technical performance stands out. As part of the migration process of its data center on a cloud infrastructure that started in 2018, the Metropolitan City of Milan has decided to rely on Aruba Enterprise, the main market player for the creation of tailor-made cloud solutions, hybrid infrastructures , colocation, data center services and more. In the PA sector, the Enterprise business unit offers e-mail solutions to all central and local public administrations, also in compliance with the requirements set out in the Agreement with Consip.

Thanks to three different levels of service - basic, standard and advanced - customers can take advantage of customizable solutions, different for storage capacity and functionality, which can be integrated with existing e-mail systems, highly reliable in terms of data protection. For the metropolitan city of Milan, Aruba has activated 1400 Advanced email accounts and 200 Standard mailboxes. To differentiate them not only the storage space (20gb advanced, 2 gb standard) but also the numerous functions: Standard (such as Basic) offers, for example, multi-user profiled access to institutional mailboxes; management of centralized distribution lists; daily backup of the various active mailboxes; customization of email domains also in terms of security policies (eg password expirations). The advantages of the Advanced type include the ability to share e-mail folders with other users of the same domain and second-level storage functionality.

Even the Metropolitan City of Milan, relying on the e-mail solutions developed for hoc by the Aruba Enterprise team, was able to take advantage of the provider's ability to offer services that reflect customer requests: the Metropolitan City in fact kept the email domain names already in use and proceeded to integrate access to mailboxes with the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) domain authentication system.

As for other solutions and services, even in the case of the E-mail infrastructure, the Ansi / Tia 942 certification of the Aruba Data Centers guarantees the higher resilience for the It architecture of the service and maximum redundancy, thus guaranteeing an important operational continuity in the event of adverse events. It is proving increasingly a priority for the public administration to protect itself from the numerous threats to its infrastructures and information systems - as already indicated in the Report on the information policy for security for 2020.

As underlined by Maria Cristina Pinoschi, director of the Infrastructure area of ​​the Metropolitan City of Milan "having an e-mail service with high quality standards allows the Metropolitan City of Milan to interact with our stakeholders in safety and reliability, increasing the reputation of the institution and streamlining the communication channels ".

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