CyberGhost VPN - Review

CyberGhost VPN - Review

CyberGhost VPN is, as the name implies, a VPN service that could prove extremely useful, especially if you spend many hours on the network on your home PC, where network security is not necessarily handled by an expert. On the other hand, given the historical moment, Internet consumption has also increased, due to the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us have found ourselves with a lot of time to spend at home, and video on-demand services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney + have become a fairly common pastime. By now we should all have learned the basic concepts of web browsing: the first is that true anonymity on the Internet is very difficult to obtain, the second is that companies use our data to bombard us with advertising, in an attempt to guide the our purchasing choices.

To limit the involuntary disclosure of our digital information and regain some privacy, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) becomes a fundamental tool, since it allows us to mask our IP address and browse more anonymously. But, privacy aside, VPNs also offer us another significant advantage, namely that of making us appear as users of other countries, thus making it possible for us to unblock content that perhaps would not be available in Italy. Example: do you want to preview the new season of Stranger Things? Do you want to take advantage of the ABC Network's catch-up TV and watch their latest series on the Web? With a VPN that assigns you a US address, you can. The same applies if you are a student abroad or if you find yourself outside the national borders for business reasons: thanks to a VPN you can access the Italian catalog and maybe finish the series that you had to leave halfway due to the regional block.

Read Also: Best VPNs | September 2021 We at have been committed for some time to provide you with reviews of the best services in this segment. Today we decided to talk to you about CyberGhost, a VPN active since 2011 which today has more than 7000 servers in over 91 countries, serving around 36 million users.

CyberGhost VPN plans and prices

One of CyberGhost VPN's strengths is undoubtedly the pricing and plans policy.

Yes, because CyberGhost has decided to push its users to remain loyal over time: the monthly cost, in fact, remains quite high, with a fee of € 11.99 for a single month. However, the plan becomes hugely more beneficial if you opt for one of the other two plans. It starts with a 6-month subscription at the attractive price of € 5.39, and then moves on to the main course, or the 2-year plan for only € 1.90 per month with two months free. In all cases, billing and payment are in advance, based on the chosen period, and you always have a 45-day window to reconsider and ask for a full refund, in case you are not satisfied with the service. So, in addition to below average prices, CyberGhost VPN also offers a higher "money back" window, as most others are usually 30 days. Furthermore, all plans cover up to 7 devices at the same time.

Another interesting service is the package that includes an antivirus and a tool for security updates, currently at € 1.05 per month. You can also buy a dedicated IP for € 4.00 per month and a password manager for € 1.17 per month.


The Privacy issue is taken by CyberGhost very seriously, in an almost idealistic way. In a special section of the site, the company publishes a series of constantly updated and wide-ranging articles on the subject.

CyberGhost, like other VPN services, applies a strict No-log policy to the traffic of its customers: the data is processed on servers equipped with AES 256-bit encryption and other types of military-grade encryption, thus ensuring almost complete anonymity for customers.

Inotre, CyberGhost's No Spy data center VPN has a series of servers dedicated to peer-to-peer services, also equipped with particularly stringent security: in fact, the slightest interruption in the encryption channels activates a killswitch, which automatically disconnects the user from the Internet. br>
If you want to keep anonymity even "banking", CyberGhost accepts payments also through BitCoin, as well as through canonical systems (credit card and PayPal).


Since this is a VPN service, ie a "virtual network", the main thing to consider is the physical distance of the servers to which you connect. The greater the distance, the greater the latency and this is quite inevitable (it is due to the physics and dispersion of electrical signals). In general, however, CyberGhost is fairly constant and, even on the most distant servers, it is still able to guarantee download speeds of around 60 Mbs, around 30 Mbs in upload and latency times of no more than 35 milliseconds. With a connection to a physically closer server (e.g. in a neighboring country) the speed can go up to an order of magnitude higher (we recorded up to 550 Mbs in download), but obviously it depends on which type of service you are using. intends to use.

As expected also from the company privacy policies, no IP leaks are recorded during the use of the tool (but in a Windows environment it is important to disable the IPV6 protocol and remain in IPV4).

We are therefore talking about a solid service that certainly manages to keep the promises made.

Very interesting is also the fact that, depending on the type of app used (for more details see below in the appropriate section), a series of "intelligent" functions or rules are available that can be activated automatically when certain conditions occur.

For example, you can set exceptions for certain sites, if you wish to to finalize the Italian version of an international site (even if we pass from a foreign server), while within the mobile platform it is possible to automatically connect to certain servers when opening certain apps, which is very useful if you want to consult the US Netflix catalog on your tablet, just to name one.

And speaking of streaming services, in the menu of the various apps there is a dedicated item that allows you to connect to one of the servers dedicated to the purpose, already optimized to unlock up to 35 different services. Among the main unblocked streaming services, we mention Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney + for the record. Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is not unlocked.

A similar menu also exists for servers dedicated to downloading via Torrent.

APP and installation

With a single CyberGhost account allows connection of 7 devices at the same time. Also in this case we are talking about a number of connections in line with the market average (which offers from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 devices). On the company's official website there are links to download the apps corresponding to each individual platform. Beyond what is obvious and obvious to expect (apps for Windows, MacOS, Linux, various browsers and mobile platforms) it is interesting to note that CyberGhost also offers dedicated solutions for Android TV and Amazon Fire TV / Fire Stick. Unfortunately, a specific and ready-to-install solution for Apple TV is missing, but, as there are detailed instructions to activate the VPN directly on the home router, a VPN router, a proxy, or a dedicated gateway, if you want you can solve the question directly upstream. and avoid having to configure individual devices (which is perhaps the most efficient solution).

And in case you were wondering, on the website you can find instructions to configure even a NAS Server like Synology, with a few simple steps (basically just configure some values ​​in the LAN / Network menu and in the Network Interface / Network Interface sub-menu).

The only flaw: all these instructions are in English, so you need to know a minimum of English language, or use the Google page translator.

If you have any problems with the configurations, you can, as usual, open a ticket and wait for an answer (which should arrive within a couple of g iorni), or consult the knowledge base. Even these two options, however, are reserved for those who know the English language.

Unfortunately, however, the iOS client is far too elementary, to the point of being less pleasant and complete to use than the other versions.


As it should also be clear from the above, CyberGhost is a solid, secure service with a decidedly aggressive pricing policy (to the benefit of the user). On single items (e.g. the number of connected devices, the bandwidth speed, the additional features of the service) it could be less performing than other similar services, but, if we consider the whole package as a whole, it is one of the best products in circulation, especially in relation to the price / quality ratio. The picture is completed by the ease of use, the informative completeness of the site and the excellent assistance service, characteristics that make CyberGhost suitable even for those taking their first steps with VPNs.

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