Best Pro Controllers | September 2021

Best Pro Controllers | September 2021

Why buy a Pro controller? In fact it is legitimate to ask. The answer varies from case to case, this is because the reasons that could push you to purchase are many. The most banal but not a little necessary is comfort: controllers of this type boast a better grip and changes to the general weight of the device, in order to sew it to everyone's hands. Also, perhaps most importantly, these controllers are perfect for anyone who plays many competitive titles, from Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield to the latest Call of Duty.

Whether you belong to these categories or, quite simply, you are looking for a good pro controller, follow us in this guide, if you are looking for peripherals for a specific platform, take a look at the best controllers for PlayStation and the best for Xbox.

The best Pro Controller

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Razer Raiju Ultimate Edition Revolution Unlimited Pro Nacon Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is the improved version of the first model of the pad pro Xbox license plate. In fact, unlike the last version, it boasts a better battery and a more resistant grip, so as to facilitate longer sessions. Aside from the improvements, the biggest differences come out when you compare it to a normal controller, for example with the one you find inside Xbox One, which still boasts very high quality.

Excluding the greater convenience and the definitely more premium design, the big advantage is having extra keys that can be completely mapped and used as you like, so you never take your right thumb off the analog: actions like jumping , sliding or reloading, in most cases require the player to press one of the 4 keys reachable with the right thumb. With Elite Controller, this problem is nullified and your favorite thumb will remain attached to the aim.

As we said, the design is absolutely premium and you can tell from the box. Excluding the extra keys to map, in fact, which are usually also found on other pro controllers, what fully characterizes this device is its elegance, the refinement with which it has been worked, not to mention the minutiae that allow you to act on the stroke of the triggers, the height of the analogs or the weight of the controller itself.

In short, a literally premium product, as suggested by the 180 euros required for purchase. But remember that, if you decide to buy it, you will have an exceptional controller to use on Xbox One, PC and on the new Series S | X.

Razer Raiju Ultimate Edition

If the previous controller was aimed at Microsoft users, this Razer Raiju Ultimate Edition is aimed at PlayStation 4 users instead. As the list price suggests, which is around 190 euros, this time too we are talking about a pro controller, so expect a respectable design and materials, including a small LED that surrounds the entire touch pad of the controller. br>
It is useless to go around it, its shape, although it has some differences, closely resembles that of the Xbox controller, except for the analogue scheme which remains symmetrical. And this last choice, especially those used to playing only on PlayStation, will appreciate it very much.

Razer Raiju Ultimate Edition has the particularity of supporting a special app for PC and Smartphone, which allows you to calibrate 100% the controller and maybe prepare various types of profiles for each game. The layout you have chosen for your favorite TPS, in fact, may not be right for your games of Rainbow Six Siege and so on. In this way, you will have everything at your fingertips and always available.

The only small burden, as you surely know, is that the controller will be supported by PlayStation 5, but you will not be able to play the new games with it. because Sony - rightly so - will soon launch the brand new Dualsense. Clearly, needless to say, the controller is also supported by Steam and company, so you can also use it on your PC, as long as you're not super mouse and keyboard addicted.

Revolution Unlimited Pro Nacon

Revolution Unlimited Pro Nacon is a practically perfect solution for competitive gaming on PlayStation 4. Inspired by what Microsoft did with the Elite series (the inspiration is undeniable, the Xbox pad has really made school), Nacon releases this very useful but also expensive device for the Sony console.

Let's start with the packaging , which immediately makes clear its nature as a pro controller: the box is full of accessories, from spare analog sticks to padding to be inserted inside the two handles to significantly increase the weight and return an even more successful grip. The construction quality is also what one would expect from a high quality product: every single material is worked to the best, designed to give excellent sensations to the wearer; the same goes for the keys, really good.

Revolution Unlimited Pro Nacon contains a series of buttons placed on the back, reachable with the middle finger. Among these we also find the profile switch, because yes, this controller also allows you to save multiple configurations at the same time, in order to find them all ready for use. In short, maximum comfort and excellent results, all at a price that is around 160 euros but which is often discounted, which is why we recommend that you look at the reference links.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Although not a controller dedicated to professionals, the solution offered by Nintendo remains the absolute best of the Switch house. This controller, sold separately and not bundled with the console, has some pretty classic features, starting with the grip of the grips. Nevertheless, if the joy-con alone weren't enough, you won't have to go further: choose the color that best suits your tastes (there are several, some explicitly inspired by the most famous brands of the great N) and enjoy this excellent Pro controller, the which, despite the name, lacks all the features described in the previous models.

Regarding the price, the situation is quite variable and ranges from 50 to 75 euros, depending on the type of coloring and skin applied to the controller.

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How to choose the best Pro controller ?

Analog Arrangement

A great debate that has been going on for some time: is a symmetrical or an asymmetrical arrangement better? Difficult to answer, perhaps not even so correct to do so. The truth is that it all depends on your habits and comfort, there is no better arrangement. Trivially, if you are used to playing on PlayStation, and this is an article dedicated to PS4 controllers, you will probably be used to a symmetrical arrangement; the opposite is true if you are an Xbox player.


Hours and hours spent in front of your favorite game, maybe even a competitive one. It is normal to get tired! After a while your hands will not want to know more and the controller handle will become more and more slippery. When dealing with very long sessions, you have to make sure 100% that you are comfortable with the controller, and to do so you must first choose - as we said before - the most comfortable analog arrangement, and secondly a controller suitable for our hands, small or large. they are. Also not to be underestimated are some anti-slip textures, in case you have hands that are particularly sensitive to sweat.

Additional features

Not particularly necessary in the case of controllers designed exclusively for the Sony console , but suitable for the most demanding players. In case you usually face many competitive games, or maybe you aim to become real expert players, in this case there are two solutions: switch to the PC with mouse and keyboard, or, and if you are here it is your case, buy a controller that has many additional functions such as extra fully mappable keys and levers located on the back of the controller. In this way, the controller will become perfect for the game in question and the games will get a nice boost!

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