7 tricks to make the most of AirPods Pro

7 tricks to make the most of AirPods Pro

The functions and settings to be activated immediately in the wireless headphones from Apple

(Photo: Apple) We have selected seven practical functions to be set immediately on the wireless headphones AirPods Pro for a smoother and more comfortable experience in use daily. The starting point is the menu that can be reached by following the path Settings> Bluetooth> Information icon on AirPods Pro.

Continue playback when you remove a headset

The function, activated by default and based on the proximity sensor, to stop the music when you take off a headset is not appreciated by everyone, also because you can pause yourself with a simple touch. But you can easily turn it off from the switch under Automatic Ear Detection.

Rename your AirPods Pro

The first menu item allows you to rename your headphones, which not only guarantees more customization, but can be useful to speed up operations when looking for the device to be paired via bluetooth in public places full of "AirPods Pro of ...".

Deactivate the switch forever automatic

Another inconvenient default function is the automatic change of the pairing of AirPods Pro between the various connected devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac, which often creates unwanted switches. From the settings page (see previous point), just go to Connect to this iPhone / iPad / Mac and, from Automatically, choose Last connection to this iPhone / iPad / Mac.

Customizing the actions associated with touch

The small shaft of the earphones includes a sensor that detects various depths of touch. From Settings> Bluetooth> Information icon> Press and hold the AirPods (right or left) you can choose what happens when you press and hold on one or the other headset between Siri activation, noise control and above all useful ( and otherwise not present by default) off mode that to disable both background noise cancellation and transparent mode to the benefit of the battery. We remind you that you can also choose the three modes from any associated Apple Watch, through AirPlay.

Even the double tap can be customized with the same procedure, for example to activate Siri; increase or decrease; play, pause or stop audio content or skip to the next or previous track.

Give preference to the microphone on the right or left

By default in automatic and giving priority to the headset that is worn, you can choose from the information page to indicate the microphone to be used so that it continues to record even if it is removed from the ear: a useful option if, for example, you want to use the AirPods as a mini wireless microphone.

Personalize the sound

You can take advantage of the personalized sound configuration for a more personal touch. First you have to go to Settings> Music> Eq by tapping No, then from Settings> Accessibility> Audiovisual Contents you can adjust the Balance slider and from Settings> Accessibility> Audiovisual Contents> Headphone Settings> Custom Audio Setup / Custom audio setup just follow the instructions on the screen for your preferences. You can also customize the transparency mode from Settings> Accessibility> Audio-visual content> Headphone settings> Transparency mode> Custom transparency mode.

Making headphones ring to find them

A great classic: you can't find more than one or both caps in the house, perhaps buried under clothes or tucked under the sofa cushion. From the Where is app you can tap on the name of the earphones and choose Play.

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