YouTube has officially launched its $ 100 million fund for Shorts creators

YouTube has officially launched its $ 100 million fund for Shorts creators

The Shorts Fund will meanwhile be available to creators in ten countries. Payments for the most engaging videos will range from $ 100 to $ 10,000 a month

(photo: Unsplash) YouTube announced that the $ 100 million fund to support the creators of its shorter-format videos - the Shorts - is about to be officially launched, after being announced in the past few months.

The fund will reward creators for their most engaging and most viewed short videos over the course of 2021-2022. These users will start receiving their first payments in August. Payments that can reach up to 10 thousand dollars a month, while the minimum threshold is 100 dollars.

YouTube however requires that these are original videos and not imported from TikTok - which Shorts aims to compete with - from the Reels from Instagram or from TikTok. Payments are only available in 10 regions for now, including the US, UK, India, Russia, Nigeria, and Brazil, among others, but YouTube says it plans to broaden this list.

Creators traditionally come paid on YouTube based on the ads displayed in their videos. As The Verge writes, with Shorts, “YouTube doesn't want to run an ad in front of every quick clip, so it's building this alternative form of payment to reward creators.”

YouTube has made it known that it will set thresholds for payment by analyzing the best performing channels and then calculating their bonus based on a number of factors, including views and where their audience is.

Payment schemes like this have become more and more common. TikTok and Snapchat both pay creators based on the popularity of their videos, rather than based on ads. Facebook itself recently announced its $ 1 billion plus bonus system for videos on Facebook and Instagram through the end of 2022.

For YouTube, the fund offers a way to start bridging the advantage of other platforms on short clips. Over time, this method will be replaced with another payment scheme, but it will serve to give a strong initial boost.

With the official launch of the Shorts Fund, YouTube emphasizes that it now has ten different ways in which creators can make money on its platform, including ads, revenue share of YouTube Premium memberships, channel memberships, Super Chat, and Super Thanks.

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