What is happening at the rave on the Mezzano lake, in the Viterbo area

What is happening at the rave on the Mezzano lake, in the Viterbo area

What is happening at the rave on the Mezzano lake

The rave party has gathered between 10 and 15,000 people, and has already scored one death. A fragile local ecosystem and a possible Covid outbreak are at risk

Photo: Lago di Mezzano, via Wikimedia Commons On the morning of August 19, about twenty police armored vehicles headed towards Lake Mezzano. Here, in the countryside of the small town of Valentano, in the Viterbo area, a rave - also known as a free party - has been taking place since 13 August, which attracted between 10 and 15 thousand people from all over Europe, according to the mayor of the Lazio town. >
The police today identified 250 people still present, inviting them to leave, while many participants had left the place of the party during the night and in the previous days. The rave is worrying the Italian authorities above all because of the thousands of people who participated without social distancing and measures against Covid and which could give rise to a huge outbreak, but also for the environmental effects on a protected area and a fragile ecosystem. br>
The meeting started making headlines on Monday after it became known about the death of a 24-year-old, Gianluca Santiago. The boy had left the gathering on the evening of August 15th. No one had seen him again and the next day his body was found in the lake. Many of the participants, after Santiago's death, would have decided to leave. According to the news, four other boys ended up in an ethyl coma during the party.

In recent days, agents of the Finance Police, of the mobile department of the Carabinieri and cars of the Viterbo Police had already arrived to patrol the area. The commissioner made it known that negotiations had begun with those present to leave, putting an end to the party. The mayors of the municipalities surrounding the lake asked for the immediate eviction of the area, but the commissioner himself replied that it would be impossible given the thousands of people and vehicles scattered over an area of ​​thirty hectares - which, among other things, is private property.

One of the biggest obstacles was that, according to what the mayor of Valentano, Stefano Bigiotti, told the Post, most of the boys present are not Italian, but French. "French are the organizers who want to stay until 23 August otherwise, they say, they are not included in the costs," Bigiotti said. The situation seems to have been unlocked only in these hours after the intervention of the Ministry of the Interior.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor of Viterbo has opened a file on Santiago's death as a consequence of another crime. Investigations are underway, also in collaboration with the police of other European countries, to identify the organizers of the rave and to ascertain any responsibility for the violation of the anti Covid rules.

The rave on Lake Mezzano, according to what reported by Giuseppe Di Pino, a member of the Italian Harm Reduction Network, present on the spot, it was “the biggest free party in Italy in the last 10-15 years, probably the biggest in Europe this summer. A teknival, that is, a large free party ". Already at the beginning of July at the beginning of July there was a gathering in the Pisan hills where six thousand young people arrived.

Free parties are parties in which techno, goa, psy-trance or acid house music is played , and to which you do not pay a ticket to participate. They are held in abandoned spaces or outdoors. Sometimes, like in this case, they last for days and there are rules that participants must follow. These gatherings are not necessarily illegal if the party is not held on private property, is not for profit, and if no illegal activities take place during the rave. The controversies that accompany raves are usually related to the consumption or drug dealing of the participants.

These types of parties have had a notable history since the late 1980s in Britain, but Italy can also boast such great events in the past. The one held near Lake Bolsena, in Tuscany, in 1999 is considered as the first Italian rave party.

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