Valve revives YouTube channel with Steam Deck video

Valve revives YouTube channel with Steam Deck video

The coveted Steam Deck, a mobile computer from Valve, should be for many what one would expect from a Nintendo Switch Pro - at least apart from the Switch-exclusive titles. Recently, some journalists and content creators were able to visit Valve at their headquarters and experience the handheld PC up close. The first hands-on videos followed a short time later.

Now Valve has made a video about the Steam Deck itself, not only promoting the powerful device for on the go, but also bringing the long-forgotten YouTube channel back from the dead. Is the video for the Steam Deck a snapshot or a permanent revival?

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A necromantic advertising video

The video is advertising as it is in the book: The product, here the Steam Deck, is shown and presented in action and with all of its qualities. In addition to the various buttons, Valve particularly emphasizes the portability and the simple linkage with its own Steam library.

Some games can also be admired on the handy screen. This time in the spotlight: Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Doom Eternal, Ghostrunner, Slay the Spire, Baldurs Gate 3, Prey, Death Stranding and The Ascent. From graphically sophisticated AAA titles to energy-saving indies, everything is included.

At least as exciting as the video itself is the fact that the Steam Deck advertisement is the first sign of life on Valve's YouTube channel in eight months. At that point the last video was uploaded, a short trailer for CS: GO - Operation Broken Fang. Before that, Valve was much more active and presented, among other things, a detailed series on various development studios.

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Source: Valve on YouTube

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