The software that translates the language into code for programming

The software that translates the language into code for programming

For now it only works in English, but OpenAi's Codex is the first step towards a universal and democratic tool

(Photo: OpenAi) The company OpenAi presented a software called Codex that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to translate language into programming code. For the moment it only works with English, but the premises are encouraging to open a new path that embraces a wide audience and speeds up development work.

In the first demos shown, Codex assists in the design of simple sites internet as well as very basic games using language in a natural way, for example asking to "create a menu in the left column and a title at the top" or "bounce the sphere off the corners of the display". In short, a bit like me in the interaction with a virtual assistant like Alexa or Siri. The goal is to hold a sort of dialogue in which you ask what you want to develop and the code is prepared automatically. Something conceptually similar to the graphical interfaces and mouse inputs of operating systems that have replaced the command lines to be typed in the first interactions between user and machine.

Above an official gif shows , with an example, how the software works. OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman explained to The Verge: "Programming is divided into two parts, in the first you have to think carefully about a problem and try to understand it, in the second you have to map those little pieces to the existing code, which is traits of library, function or api. Codex does best in the second part, the most boring one ".

One can imagine that Codex is still far from perfect, given that it is in the first beta phase and it will take time to make everything fluid. The potential is considerable and could lead to a finished product in the next few years, perhaps also open to other languages, to allow more and more people a simpler and more usable approach in the world of development. In addition to a tool that simplifies some steps for professionals.

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