Preview, Model Y: the electric crossover compatible with the eco-bonus

Preview, Model Y: the electric crossover compatible with the eco-bonus

Preview, Model Y

Officially announced on March 14, 2019, Model Y represents for various reasons one of the most anticipated means of this 2021; not only with regard to the electrical sector, but also for the automotive sector at 360 degrees. If with Model 3, Tesla has come closer to the Old Continent, reaching decidedly interesting volumes and ousting well-known cars (and historic ones, such as Golf), with Model Y it aims at a different audience such as the one who loves SUVs and crossovers. Officially presented in Italy just a week ago, it can be configured on the official Tesla website and the first models will be delivered starting from September 2021.

How it is

The features of Model Y have been known for some time now as it shares a good part of the specifications of its sister Model 3; the data sheet is summarized in two engines, both for Long Range and for Performance. While Long Range covers the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 5 seconds flat, the spicier variant only needs 3.7 seconds. The estimated range for both versions is respectively, in the WLTP cycle, of 507 and 480 km. The AC recharge is up to 11 kW, while the DC reaches 250 kW.

The dimensions are the “classic” crossover models; Model Y measures 4.75 meters in length, 2.13 meters in width (with mirrors open) and 1.62 meters in height. The ground clearance is just under 17 centimeters, an adequate value for the segment in which it fits. The more traditional SUVs, in fact, have a much higher height even in the order of 20 centimeters; even if the difference may seem limited to you, we assure you that 3 centimeters on the field may not be so few. Numbers in hand, we don't differ too much from Model 3 even if at a glance it appears more voluminous. The cockpit is large and spacious, and the driving seat is significantly raised compared to that of Model 3 that we have tried on several occasions.

Little information regarding the batteries and we will not be able to know more aspects until we have the car on test (spoiler: not long!). Some rumors suggest that on Model Y the manufacturer has installed the latest cells made by LG Chem, ie NCMAs instead of the more common NCAs. The difference? Greater resistance in the charging and discharging phases, especially at high temperatures.

Model Y Performance Model Y Long Range Dimensions 4750 x 2129 x 1623 mm 4750 x 2129 x 1623 mm Long Range Battery - 75 kWh Long Range - 75 kWh Max AC charge 11.5 kW 11.5 kW Max DC charge 250 kW 250 kW Acceleration 3.7 s 0-100 km / h 5.1 s 0-100 km / h Range 480 km (WLTP estimate) 505 km (WLTP estimate) Driving Double permanent magnet motor with all-wheel drive Double permanent magnet motor with all-wheel drive Seats Up to 7 adults Up to 7 adults Rims 21 inches 19 or 20 inches Max load volume 1.9 cubic meters 1.9 cubic meters Maximum speed 241 km / h 217 km / h Display 15-inch central touchscreen 15-inch central touchscreen Supercharger pay per use pay per use

Standard equipment

On Model Y there are a series of accessories that you will hardly find installed (basic) on other models. On the outside, for example, we find 19 "wheels combined with Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires, numerous cameras, electro-actuated tailgate, photochromic and electrically lockable mirrors.

Inside, on the other hand, there are heated seats (all ), two-position adjustable sofa, panoramic roof with UV and infrared protection, USB Type-C sockets, zone climate with HEPA filter and much more. The inevitable on-board computer assisted by a 15 "touch screen hides 1 year of Premium Connectivity, that is maps with satellite view, Netflix, Twitch, YouTube, Internet Browser and Spotify Premium.

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Prices and incentives

Tesla Model Y Long Range is the only one currently compatible with the incentive system provided for Italy (the famous Ecobonus). With a price of 60,990 euros, it falls within the pre-established limits of 61 thousand euros for the broken headphone. The sale price therefore allows you to receive a discount of 10 thousand euros at the time of purchase but on one condition: it is necessary to buy it with the standard white color (the one in our photos), with dark leather interiors and 19 "wheels. . The Performance variant, on the other hand, has a list price of 68,990 euros.

The services dedicated to Advanced Autopilot and Autonomous Driving are available separately, and can also be activated at a later time. 7,500 euros. Those who like to travel with their caravan or need to tow a trolley, can purchase the class II tow bar separately, with a towing capacity of 1,600 kg.

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