Praey for the Gods, tried the action adventure inspired by Shadow of the Colossus

Praey for the Gods, tried the action adventure inspired by Shadow of the Colossus

Praey for the Gods

Compared to when we first tried Praey for the Gods, at the beginning of 2019, the title of No Matter Studios has changed a lot, especially in terms of presentation, atmosphere and finish. We are talking about a project carried out by only three people, which clearly cannot count on the resources of a triple A production but which makes its progress steadily, albeit in small steps.

As mentioned, the difference compared at the beginning you can see and hear, so much so that by now the contents that the team will introduce in view of the final version have already been established and are in the works (here you can consult the official roadmap), but the release in April 2021 has not materialized for reasons of force majeure: one of the three authors had an unexpected family emergency that kept him away, inevitably slowing down development.

Let's see, after some time, how Praey for the Gods is in the our tried.


Praey for the Gods, the protagonist of the game For those who still don't know it, Praey for the Gods is a title that is clearly inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, at least from the point of vi lies of its structure: within a large open and mysterious map, the protagonist of the adventure is somehow tasked with finding and eliminating a group of gigantic creatures that seem to be responsible for the perennial winter in which the world finds itself.| two will arrive in time for the launch, together with the various narrative interconnections typical of a true story mode), find a way to "scale" it to reach its vital points, which have the shape of large stone buttons, and press them until you turn off, causing the giant's death.


Praey for the Gods, the clash with the first colossus If the formula of the game is, as mentioned, quite similar to that of the masterpiece directed by Fumito Ueda, on the gameplay side, the contaminations are mainly linked to The Legend of Zelda and traditional survival games. If in previous versions these latter aspects represented a constant and binding element of the experience, it is now possible to select from the start the degree of realism, so to speak, and therefore to establish how much factors such as hunger, cold and fatigue affect the health of the protagonist. .

For this new test we preferred a fearful approach, trying to push ourselves as far as possible and therefore to explore the boss fights without too many distractions. The ones we had completed previously went away quite smoothly, for the others we had to work a little harder or deliberately avoid discovering too much in view of what will be the official release of Praey for the Gods: some surprises at the end it is always better to reserve it.

One of the giants that the protagonist will have to tear down in Praey for the Gods Just in view of the launch, you can notice many small details that, however, make the difference, from the physics of jumps and movements in general to that of climbing, definitely cleared of the glitches that afflicted it in so many situations and that gave the idea of ​​a product still in the initial stages of development. In short, there is no doubt that the whole core of the experience, namely the boss fights, has been improved and is now ready for an official debut.

There have also been changes and optimizations on the 'interface, which however remains dark and mysterious under various circumstances as regards the survival implications and the upgrading, repair and dismantling of the equipment. Likewise, fights with creatures that occasionally emerge from the snow are still tainted by a sense of approximation, especially for collision detection.

Technical realization

Praey for the Gods includes a device that allows you to glide into new areas A more inspired art direction, which goes hand in hand with more refined and sophisticated graphics, is undoubtedly one of the first things you notice about this latest Early Access version of Praey for the Gods ahead of the big step towards the exit. There has been a great deal of attention to the shots, the timing of the shooting, the atmospheres and at the same time a refinement of the technical naivete present, where possible.

On a PC with i5 10400 and RTX 3070 the game moves without major problems at 4K and 60 fps keeping almost all effects to the maximum, even if exaggerating with the details of the furs creates big performance problems during the second boss fight, the one with the huge worm sticking out of the lake and boasting a thicker fur than the other giants.

Praey for the Gods, one of the giants is a kind of giant bird The graphics adjustments have increased, to the benefit of the scalability of the experience, and at the same time an improvement has occurred effects. We are not at the levels of a visually solid production, but for a development team of three people we are still talking about miraculous results. The musical accompaniment is good, although often little valued in its essentiality.

Some aspects that are still missing, for example a complete customization of the controls (but at least there are different layouts that allow you to manage the commands in a more consonant with action adventures), lock-ons and more will arrive, as mentioned, with version 1.0. When? Still early to say, but we hope that by now the guys from No Matter Studios are close to the finish line.

Praey for the Gods is approaching the launch in a substantially better form than it was two years ago, with many tricks small and large that optimize the overall enjoyment of the experience and add a certain degree of personality to the project, which at first seemed a simple and far too derivative homage to Shadow of the Colossus. There are still aspects that need refinement, even important ones, and the hope is that the team will be able to overcome the last difficulties to finally arrive at the debut on PC and console.


Many more or less significant improvements Beautiful atmospheres, excellent design of the giants Art direction and technical department well finished DOUBTS Some aspects still need attention Approximate "normal" fights The survival approach takes over a bit in some situations Have you noticed errors?

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