Pixel 6 and 6 Pro official: they have the first chip signed by Google

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro official: they have the first chip signed by Google

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro official

The release in Italy of the new two top-of-the-range Android flagships is not yet certain

(Photo: Google) Google has chosen to use its official Twitter channel on products to formalize the expected new Pixel 6 smartphones and Pixel 6 Pro. With a thread in 13 tweets he showed the design and told the data sheet of the next top of the range.

The first part of the thread published on Made by Google focuses on aesthetics. There will be three color shades for each model with teal, black and red for Pixel 6 and black, silver and gold for 6 Pro; the two models are distinguished by the raised black band on the back - as per rumors - where the camera is housed, which is wider on the Pro models. The structure will be in matt aluminum on Pixel 6 and glossy on Pixel 6 Pro.

(Photo: Google) Speaking of the camera, there are three sensors of the Pro model with the main one, an ultra-wide angle and a 4x zoom telephoto, which is not present in the double configuration of the standard model. The rest of the hardware is basically the same with the novelty of the proprietary Google Tensor chip, direct response to Apple: the benefits of a custom-made chip will be appreciated on the photographic side, with artificial intelligence and machine learning, with voice recognition (for convert to text or precise simultaneous translations) and much more.

Security will be guaranteed by the Titan M2 chip. As known since the Google I / O 2021 event, the interface of the new Pixels will be characterized by the new Material Ui with the Android 12 operating system. The details on the battery and charging remain to be discovered, but the wireless mode can be almost certain.

Does the most important question remain? Will the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro duo be released in Italy? Google has anticipated that the debut will take place in the fall and, again in the thread, invites you to click on the local official website for more information. In eight countries the right page opens - USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, France and Germany - while in the others there are still the old models: this is the case of Italy which could therefore be excluded in the first place. moment or definitively, as already happened with Pixel 5.

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Pixel 6 Pro price will be quite high – and that’s great news

a cellphone sitting on a table: Pixel 6 Pro Price © Provided by BGR Pixel 6 Pro Price

Google shocked the world on Monday when it quietly launched the Pixel 6 phones. Well, it wasn’t a full launch. We only got official images of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. We learned about the new Google custom processor called Tensor, and we got the phones’ main specs. Where will Google make the new Pixels available? What’s the asking price for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro? We don’t have all the answers, but we know that both devices will be more expensive. That might seem like bad news, but it’s the contrary.

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Google has been selling Nexus and Pixel phones unsuccessfully for years. Its devices were all exciting, considering what Google proposed. With Nexus devices, we got the promise of pure Android, high-end specs, and reasonable prices. The costs went up eventually, and Nexus turned into Pixel. That’s when we thought Google would get serious about its Android phones, but it didn’t. Maybe the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will provide the turning point we wanted from Google.

The Pixels showed promising hardware, and Google charged quite a price for them. Even so, Google seemed to be one step behind Apple with each new generation. The only place where it challenged iPhone and other high-end Androids was the camera department. That’s where Google’s algorithms shined, turning the Pixel into one of the best cameras in town.

Where will the Pixel 6 phones launch?

But Google never made marketing the Pixel a priority. The phones had supply and/or hardware problems. And the Pixels culminated with the $700 Pixel 5 midrange phone that Google launched last year instead of the high-end Pixels fans were expecting. The price was great. The specs were poor. This wasn’t the iPhone 12 rival that fans wanted.

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro seem to be something else. They feature a bold, high-end design, top-of-the-line specs, and a custom Google processor. Tensor gives artificial intelligence (AI) a prime placement. Hopefully, Google’s System-on-Chip (SoC) will become a great rival to the A-series and Snapdragon SoCs of the world.

Google sure seems like it’s finally ready to start selling Pixels. Like it means it. Even if the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro prices might not be that affordable — we’ll get to that in a second.

But Google isn’t ready to match Apple and Samsung. You can’t buy the Pixel 6 now, but we know the markets where the two handsets will launch this fall. We only have eight countries on the list, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, UK, and the USA.

You can register for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in these countries. Buyers in other regions will have to wait.

The Pixel 6 Pro price shouldn’t scare you

Even if Pixel 6 registration is possible, Google has not revealed the Pixel 6 price. Or the Pixel 6 Pro’s, for that matter. We have no idea how much these devices will cost. But Google’s Rick Osterloh addressed the issue in an interview with German paper Der Spiegel.

The exec said that Google would only reveal the prices and release date in the fall during the launch event. When pressed on whether the new devices represent Google’s way of going after the premium share of the mobile market, Osterloh confirmed that’s the case, especially for the Pixel 6 Pro. That’s an indication that the Pro will have a higher price tag than what users might want — here’s what Osterloh had to say:

We have not been represented in the smartphone flagship segment for the past two years – and not really before that. But the Pixel 6 Pro, which will be expensive, was specially designed for users who want the latest technology. This is an important, new approach for us, and we believe that it will help us to be attractive in new market segments. But Pixel 6 also belongs to the upper segment and can keep up with the competing products. I would call it a ‘mainstream premium product.’

Why a high price tag is a good thing for Google

The Pixel 5’s mid-range hardware was an annoying surprise last year. That became obvious once Apple rolled out its iPhone 12 series. These were Apple’s first 5G handsets, and they all rocked the same tremendous A14 Bionic chip and high-end specs. And the iPhone 12 was significantly more affordable than expected, starting at $829 before carrier deals. That was a fantastic price point for a device that became the best-sold handset in the world in the coming quarters.

That’s what Google could benefit from. The Pixel 6 Pro might be the equivalent of the iPhone 13 Pro in terms of the entry price. But that would be fine as long as Google delivers the best possible technology, a great design, and an overall high-end smartphone experience. The same goes for the Pixel 6. Even if it’s more expensive than the Pixel 5 and the basic iPhone 13 models, it’ll still be an attractive device. And let’s not forget that Android phones see plenty of price cuts soon after launch.

Osterloh also said in the Spiegel interview that Google means it this time. “We believe that we now have the right products for significant growth,” he said. “We will invest a lot in marketing, sales, and supply chain.” That’s also great news for the Pixel 6 price. If Google wants to sell as many Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro units it can make, it’ll have to come up with great deals for buyers.

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