Miitopia in the test: When the big brother kidnaps your brother-in-law as a demon

Miitopia in the test: When the big brother kidnaps your brother-in-law as a demon

Miitopia in the test

It's true: Miitopia is definitely not a hardcore role-playing game like a Monster Hunter Stories 2, a Bravely Default, it can't even compete with Pokémon in terms of complexity. But that's why the extraordinary title also fits the target group excellently, namely younger gamers and families are primarily targeted. And for these recipients, Miitopia is a very charming, simple pleasure that can be wonderfully divided into small bites - which in turn is more fun than finishing it off in a few evenings.

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Together they are strong again

Lukas and the horse are close friends. That's why he can do battle

Saddle up and let the pan down from the high horse. Source: PC Games If you have already embarked on your own personal adventure trip on the 3DS, you don't expect too much new in the Switch version. Aside from really negligible details like amiibo support, arguably the most important bonus of porting is the horse. You meet it relatively early in the game and are allowed to design and name it yourself - just like all the important characters in Miitopia. As the fifth member of the four-person hero party, the hoofed animal keeps in the background in fights and on the move, but intervenes when the opportunity arises. First, however, the bond between the mount and the characters must be strengthened, which gradually unlocks attacks or support skills. As with all protagonists, closeness to one another is created through actions in combat in which one character helps the other (e.g. through healing), or while staying in the same room in an inn. The horse sleeps in the stable, of course - whoever you put at his side decides who the horse is friends with.

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Oh Lord

What a scoundrel! The dark lord stole the faces of innocent Miis and stuck them on monsters! Source: PC Games The reason for the hero's journey is the evil doing of the dark lord. He stole the faces of the Miis from Miitopia! Of course, you do not allow this to happen and gradually gather fellow campaigners around you, with whom you roam the country, in search of monsters that wear the stolen faces of innocent Miis. The highlight of the game is the ability to design all NPCs and your own character in the Mii editor. From friends and family to celebrities, everything is conceivable. If you don't feel creative enough or just want to play, you can just choose the pre-made designs for most of the characters. But we definitely recommend using the handicraft option, because Miitopia is much more fun with a party with friends.

No stress

With the practical shakers, we dose bonus life <, among other things br>
or magic points, in case things get tight. Source: PC Games This is also due to the fact that the title, as mentioned at the beginning, is very simple. On the upper world you choose your starting point, then the group starts running automatically. On the way you will meet monsters that you will most likely defeat in turn-based battles, because with aids such as the HP spreader (donates life energy regardless of actions such as attack or magic) and the very useful synergy effects with close friendship between the characters, it is often no problem to cut everything short and sweet. After one or two fights, one of which may be a boss or intermediate boss, the inn is already in sight, where the warriors can relax, deepen their bonds, buy new equipment, go on excursions, devote themselves to gambling or eat strengthening meals.


The number of classes is manageable, although these include jobs like pop star or chef that you don't get offered in every role-playing game. Much more than with the gameplay, Miitopia convinces with its weird charm, which only works if you recreate your own circle of friends and family instead of prefabricated figures. The virtual Chris, for example, decided after a night in the room with the virtual Lukas to give him a bar of soap - you can smile, even if some sentences and interactions are repeated too quickly. The uniformity of the game play is noticeable, which is why Miitopia works better in small portions than as a marathon. After longer sessions, the game asks parents if they would like to hang up the adventurer's cloak for today.

Because of the horse alone, it is not necessarily worth accessing the original again for those who know the original. As an RPG for the youngsters and families, however, Miitopia (buy now 39.99 €) is great fun - a multiplayer mode would have been the icing on the cake.

My opinion

By Katharina Pache

Editor in Chief

[email protected] RPG light, but still entertaining When testing, I don't have the luxury of taking the time when I feel like it, so I noticed that the game was always the same than when I did I would have played miitopia for fun. However, I still found the adventure entertaining and enjoyable, even though I already knew a large part of it from the 3DS. Miitopia manages to be really funny and, despite its simplicity, touching - it's so cute when the members of my party comfort or cheer each other on! If I were to put on my hardcore hat now, I could of course complain a lot: There are too few types of opponents, some classes are not particularly useful, there are too few attacks and element interactions - but I think Miitopia should be measured based on what it wants to be. And it just wants to be a family game that spreads a good mood, does not overwhelm the children or parents and in which you cast your own friends and acquaintances in amusing fantasy roles. Miitopia (NSW) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Pros & Cons Very charming presentation Funny interactions with self-made Miis Well suited for young gamers Significantly sharper optics than on the 3DS Very easy and convenient to use Runs very little new content away from the horse Very, very simple graphics More Pros & Cons ... Conclusion Simple, cute role-playing game light with the option to include friends and family

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