Marvel's Spider-Man, a patch on PS5 improves graphics

Marvel's Spider-Man, a patch on PS5 improves graphics

Marvel's Spider-Man

The PlayStation 5 version of Marvel's Spider-Man, the remastered title released in 2018 on PS4, has recently been updated on the next generation console. Version 1.005, now available for all users, significantly improves the graphics of the game, making some minor changes which, however, increase the quality of the visual sector. According to the Insomniac Games team, Marvel's Spider-Man PlayStation 5 update 1.005 “adds some stability and ray tracing improvements.”

In fact, users have already reported an increase in effect quality on the next generation console. However, the software house has not shared more detailed information on the changes, which is why we do not know how ray tracing has been improved, nor what are the actual minor updates. Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation 5 had been updated in February 2021, whose patch notes summarized the changes in the same way, limiting themselves to a simple "stability improvements".

Still the same version had also fixed a problem related to the direction of Spider-Man in relation to the player's input, thus making a very important improvement. However, Insomniac Games shows that it really believes very much in its production and in the potential of Marvel’s Spider-Man among the huge pool of exclusive PlayStation titles. Precisely for this reason, we can't wait to find out what news the development team has in store for us with the highly anticipated sequel which, according to many rumors, is proceeding very well.

For the moment we have no confirmation regarding any release periods or release platforms for Marvel's Spider-Man 2, but we believe that Sony and Insomniac Games will reveal the game in due course. However, we also remember that the same development team is working on a mysterious multiplayer project. Let us know by commenting below if you have already downloaded the update and above all what are your expectations for the sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man!

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