Marvel's Avengers, Spider-Man won't be late

Marvel's Avengers, Spider-Man won't be late

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers will continue to stick to the schedule. Yes, also with regard to the addition of Spider-Man, scheduled for the home game Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In the course of the last few hours, in fact, the development team has confirmed that the character will be added to the game on schedule, thus respecting the launch window scheduled for 2021.

Let's go in order: during 2021 the arrival of Spider-Man was expected for Marvel's Avengers. The lack of news, however, thanks to the fact that the summer is now ending, has raised some doubts about it. Fortunately, Crystal Dynamics thought about it, in the words of Scott Walters (Senior Designer of the game), during an interview with Screen Rant. Walters spoke not only about the release of the character, but also how it will be introduced in the game.

“I can only say that at the moment Spider-Man for Marvel's Avengers in 2021. We are still in the running to be able to release it during this year, ”Walters said. Leaving the door open for further announcements as well. In the course of the interview, in fact, the developer added that there are new announcements scheduled for 2021. Announcements that at this point could arrive during Gamescom 2021, scheduled for the end of August, with an Opening Night Live which could be precisely the ideal scenario for the reveal.

The wait will be deceived by the arrival of the Black Panther expansion in Marvel's Avengers. The expansion with the iconic character will also introduce two new villains, new enemies, a new area to explore and many other content. The release date is scheduled for August 17, 2021.

Finally, Walters talked about how Spider-Man will be introduced in Marvel's Avengers. “Spider-Man will be introduced via an in-game event. As per tradition, outfits and different gameplay options will be available ”, concluded Walters during his interview. All that remains is to wait for news regarding the release of the character.

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