How much do Hollywood stars earn?

How much do Hollywood stars earn?

How much do Hollywood stars earn? Ten years ago, Hollywood stars knew their wages were the highest ever in the film industry. Today, however, success can also be measured by views on Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services. The digital revolution may have changed things dramatically, but movie stars continue to get paid handsomely, and often manage to earn even more by leaving the big screen behind to dive headfirst into streaming. But what are the highest salaries of movie stars at the moment?

The reasons behind the stellar salaries of movie stars

A $ 20 million per film fee was the standard in the industry for top actors since 1996, when Jim Carrey stunned Hollywood by earning that sum for his comedy The Nuisance. One of the reasons even streamers like Netflix compensate movie stars with staggering figures is that they take into account how much the actors would have earned if the film were released exclusively in theaters, and this can also lead to very high earnings just to compensate. lost box office earnings.

There are also special cases, such as that of Tom Cruise, who is paid before his studio earns a cent from box office receipts. This entitles him to tens of millions of dollars in bonuses after hitting certain box office milestones with his films - meaning his payout for Top Gun: Maverick is set to increase if the film is a success.

How much do Hollywood stars earn?

Daniel Craig: $ 100 million (including income from streaming) for the sequel to Dinner with Murder - Knives Out. Dwayne Johnson: $ 50 million (including streaming earnings) for Red One.

Will Smith: $ 40 million (including streaming earnings) for A Winning Family - King Richard. Denzel Washington: $ 40 million (including streaming revenue) for Until the Last Clue. Leonardo DiCaprio: $ 30 million (including income from streaming) for Don’t Look Up.

Mark Wahlberg: $ 30 million (including income from streaming) for Spenser Confidential. Jennifer Lawrence: $ 25 million (including streaming earnings) for Don’t Look Up. Julia Roberts: $ 25 million (including streaming earnings) for Leave the World Behind.

Sandra Bullock: $ 20 million for The Los City of D. Ryan Gosling: $ 20 million (including streaming earnings) for The Gray Man. Chris Hemsworth: $ 20 million for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Brad Pitt: $ 20 million for Bullet Train. Michael B. Jordan: $ 15 million (including streaming earnings) for Senza Rimorso. Tom Cruise: $ 13 million for Top Gun: Maverick. Keanu Reeves: $ 14 million for Matrix 4.

Chris Pine: $ 11.5 million for Dungeons and Dragons and finally Robert Pattinson: $ 3 million for The Batman.

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