Google Maps will warn users of low-emission zones in cities

Google Maps will warn users of low-emission zones in cities

Drivers in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin will be warned when approaching restricted areas

Photo: Unsplash Google Maps will warn drivers in some cities if they are about to enter a restricted area. low emissions, warning them of taxes or fines to pay. In recent days, Google's navigation service has integrated alerts to alert motorists to these zones, which were announced in March.

Several large cities have taken such measures to keep polluting traffic out of the way. their busiest areas. The passage in certain areas is reserved for less polluting vehicles. However, it is not always clear where these areas begin, and tourists or occasional drivers can be misled.

The functionality is not yet foreseen in Italy. For starters, Google will alert drivers entering London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin low emission zones.

London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) covers an area with the most part of the tourist destinations and historical monuments of the city. Drivers of older cars below modern emissions standards must shell out £ 12.50 to drive through the zone.

In the Paris Restricted Emissions Zone, drivers without a windshield sticker certifying their emissions can be fined 68 euros for cars and 135 euros for larger vehicles. Berlin also has a similar system.

“Warnings will be displayed when planning a trip through a low-emission zone and when approaching an area while already on the way to your destination“, he Google claimed.

Maps is also linked to official local information. “Based on this information, interested users can choose an alternative mode of transport or take another route,” added Google.

Other apps, such as Waze, also owned by Google, have already in functionality to avoid restricted zones in some cities. However, Google Maps remains the most widely used navigation app, with estimates of its market share ranging between 70% and 80%.

The company has long claimed to support efforts to reduce traffic pollution in more built-up areas. It has also announced several new features in recent months, including the most eco-friendly route recommendation.

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