Ghost of Tsushima: the guide to obtaining the Trophy "The monkey sees" and the Amulet of Protection of Mashira

Ghost of Tsushima: the guide to obtaining the Trophy The monkey sees and the Amulet of Protection of Mashira

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima's Isle of Iki expansion adds a wealth of new content, including missions, challenges and secrets to uncover. And of course also new Trophies to unlock and add to your collection. One of them is "The monkey sees", a secret objective that requires you to solve a funny environmental puzzle in the sanctuary located in Saruiwa mountain. Also up for grabs is Mashira's Amulet of Protection talisman, with very interesting properties.

In this Ghost of Tsushima guide we will explain how to get the "The monkey sees" Trophy and the Amulet of Protection from Mashira.

Reaching Saruiwa Mountain

Ghost of Tsushima, the location of Saruiwa Mountain on the map - Source: OneMoreGame To unlock the "The monkey sees" trophy, Jin must find three statues from the features of apes that are found scattered in the mountain of Saruiwa. These represent the saying "I don't see, I don't hear, I don't speak". The proverb actually comes from Japanese culture, specifically from the illustrated motto of the three wise monkeys and its full version is "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". Their names are Mizaru, the monkey who "sees no evil", Kikazuru, who "hears no evil", and Iwazaru who symbolizes the principle of "speak no evil". Once found, Jin will have to interact with each statue differently, based on their nature.

The Saruiwa area is southwest of Iki Island. Since it is a mountain you will have no difficulty in finding it, but if so, refer to the map above. Obviously we are talking about an accessible area with the Isle of Iki expansion of Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut. If for some reason you ended up on this page before accessing the DLC, we recommend that you take a look at our guide on how to access Iki Island.

Once you get to the mountain you will find a path that leads inside. You will recognize it by the presence of two large monkey-shaped statues on either side of the path.

The enigma of the statues of the three wise monkeys

To find the statues of the three monkeys wise you will have to explore the Saruiwa mountain, but it is not a particularly complicated undertaking. Below you will find all the information to reach them and how to interact with them to get the trophy The monkey sees.

Kikazuru, who "feels no evil"

Ghost of Tsushima, the statue of the monkey who "does not hear" - Source: OneMoreGame Once you pass the two monkey statues mentioned in the previous paragraph, move forward and climb to enter the mountain. Use the grapple again to reach the grip on the rocky wall on the left. Keep climbing until you are forced to balance on a rope. In this way you will reach the first statue that depicts a monkey covering its ears, namely that of Kikazuru. Since the monkey "does not hear evil" the action to be taken to activate it is to play the flute using the left part of the touchpad of your controller. Once this is done, a short cinematic sequence will start, a sign that you have followed the operation correctly.

Mizaru, the monkey who "sees no evil"

Ghost of Tsushima, the statue of the monkey "who does not see" - Source: OneMoreGame From the point where you found the statue of Kikazuru, go back and go down (calmly I recommend) using the grappling hook, until you return to the starting point. Now advance until you find a small and narrow passage in the rock. Cross it and continue along the path, jumping and climbing where necessary, until you see some rock holds on the right. Hang on and get off. Once you reach the bottom, on the left you will find the statue of a monkey who covers his eyes, or Mizaru, who "does not see evil". To activate it, you just need to throw a smoke bomb on the ground. Again, if you have done everything correctly, a short cinematic sequence will start.

Iwazaru, the monkey who "does not speak evil"

Ghost of Tsushima, the monkey who "does not talk "- Source: OneMoreGame From the statue of Mizaru, go up using the holds used previously and continue along the path. Jump over the chasm, cross the makeshift bridge made with wooden planks and use the grappling hook to reach the handhold on the rock face. Go down calmly until on the left you will find a handhold from which to swing with the rope. Hang on and keep going down, always very carefully. You will reach a small body of water, dive and head to the opposite end, where you will find the statue of the monkey who covers his mouth, or Iwazaru who "does not speak evil". The gesture to perform in this case is to lower yourself using the lower part of the touchpad. Also in this case a short cutscene will be activated.

The altar on top of the mountain

Once you have found and activated all three statues of the wise monkeys, you just have to climb the mountain and get to the top, where you will find an altar. From the third statue, go back and climb the rock face with the stone holds. On the left you will find a rope on which to walk like tightrope walkers. Pass it and keep climbing until you return to the wooden plank bridge from the previous step. Now use the rock holds to climb up. At this point you just have to follow the main path, no particular detour will be necessary anymore.

Once you reach the top you will find the Monkey Sanctuary. Approach and when the game prompts you to press R2 to play the flute. A short and simple mini-game will start in which you have to play a melody. Tilt the controller up and down to adjust the pitch following the flow on the screen. Once this operation is complete, a final cinematic sequence will start, at the end of which you will get the much coveted "The monkey sees" Trophy of Ghost of Tsushima. Not only that, as a reward for your efforts you will also receive the Amulet of Protection of Mashira, with very interesting effects. Once equipped, when you heal using the "down arrow" you extend the Perfect Block and Perfect Dodge range for a limited time. However, healing consumes an extra unit of determination.

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