DC / HBO Max working on a Black Canary film with Jurnee Smollet

DC / HBO Max working on a Black Canary film with Jurnee Smollet

In her stand alone film Birds of Prey, we saw Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn break free from the Joker and find not only her own independence, but also a group of companions. Among these there is also Black Canary, in the film played by Jurnee Smollet, a character who would seem to be of great interest to the DC Warner studios for a possible film development.

DC / HBO Max working on a film by Black Canary with Jurnee Smollet

According to Cinelix, Warner Bros. he plans to bring the Black Canary character back to theaters. According to the rumor, Warner has already contacted Misha Green to write the script for a movie or series that could easily arrive on HBO Max along with all the other projects that the studios are already working on, namely the Batgirl, Blue Beetle and the one on the Green Lanterns. It is obviously too early for other details, for example not knowing how and if the project will be linked to Birds of Prey and if the other characters in the film, such as Renee Montoya, the Huntress and Cassandra Cain, will make their appearance. br>
If the Black Canary project were to really go into production, it would not be the first time that Jurnee Smollet and Misha Green would find themselves working together: the two have already met while working on two other TV series, Underground and Lovecraft Country, both from HBO. Regarding the second, it is news for a few months that the broadcaster has decided to cancel the series inspired by the stories of Howard Phillipps Lovecraft.

All the new DC Warner projects

Regarding the projects related to the DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad - Mission Suicide was finally released at the beginning of August, of which you can read our review here. The James Gunn-directed film brought Margot Robbie back to theaters in the role of Harley Quinn, along with a new lineup of the team already transposed to the big screen in 2016 by David Ayer. If you loved the film, we remind you that the pre-orders of the home video edition of Suicide Squad are open on Amazon.it, along with all the merchandise related to the film. Furthermore, Panini DC Italia has recently published the volume Suicide Squad - Proof of Fire, containing the beginnings of the group of criminals in the pay of the American government.

For the future, DC Warner has several other projects in store films and television: the filming of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Black Adam are taking place in this period, while nothing is yet known about the spin-off linked to the Gotham Police Department, the series on the Justice League Dark by JJ Abrams. Also announced were a Michael B. Jordan-produced series about Val-Zod, an alternate version of Superman, and a film about a black Superman written by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

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