Colored controllers | The best of August 2021

Colored controllers | The best of August 2021

Having reached the final stages of the console generation that saw PlayStation4 and Xbox One as the undisputed protagonists, fans can now count on a whole series of alternative versions of the DualShock 4 controllers and Xbox pads, but not only. There are also multiple editions, all colored and with unique and different textures, including controllers for PS5 and those for Xbox Series X / S.

To these are also added some editions proposed by third-party companies parts, such as Nacon controllers, also in supported and branded versions of PlayStation and Xbox. At this point, therefore, you will be able to customize your gaming experience as you prefer, and if you are tired of always playing with your black or white controllers, you have at your disposal a choice of colored pads that will leave you blown away. Here is our guide dedicated to the colorful controllers that you can buy online.

Best Colored Controllers

DualShock 4 Nacon Compact Controller PS4 DualSense Official Controller Xbox Joy-Con Nintendo Switch

DualShock 4

Let's start with the Sony console and its DualShock 4. The pad of the Japanese platform has undergone several evolutions, but the clearest one compared to the past of PlayStation took place in this fourth generation of Sony consoles. In addition to the classic all-black version, the DualShock 4 can be found in a very distinct variety of colors, but not only. There are also some special editions such as the one dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the PlayStation brand or the completely camo one.

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Nacon Compact Controller PS4

If you want to combine your PlayStation 4 gaming sessions with a controller with even more colors, but always super ergonomic and that allows you great performance, then you can safely aim for on purchasing a Nacon Compact Controller pad for PS4. Just like the DualShock 4, this third-party pad comes in a variety of versions that are unlikely to leave you with no choice. Between bright colors and lighter shades, you will be able to find the Nacon Compact that best suits your tastes.

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Staying at Sony, let's not forget that two have been officially announced recently new alternative colors for the brand new DualSense of PlayStation 5. In this case, you can already book both versions, namely: Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. In addition to being supported by the next-generation Sony console, the DualSense is capable of giving fans a new gaming experience with new features. We remind you that both of these new colors will be released on June 18.

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Official Xbox controller

If instead of the Sony machine you are in possession of a console from the Xbox family, fear not, Micorosoft has well thought of releasing over the years a huge choice of controllers in the most disparate colors . Each pad on the market is supported by both Xbox One consoles and the most recent Xbox Series X | S, and in addition to the classic single-color versions, it is also possible to find some decidedly more artistic editions or even themed pads with some of the most important video franchises on the market. games released recently.

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Nintendo Switch Colorful Joy-Con

How not to close this guide in the best possible way on colorful controllers with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. These revolutionary pads can be found in a variety of disarming versions. It's hard not to find the perfect pair of Joy-Con for your tastes. From the brightest colors to the colder shades, and up to special versions branded The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and as many important brands that have made the history of Nintendo and the whole videogame.

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