Central and southern Italy are still ravaged by fires

Central and southern Italy are still ravaged by fires

The Fire Brigade has carried out 37 thousand interventions for fires from June to today, of which 1500 only on Sunday. The Prime Minister has declared a state of national mobilization to address the situation in Sicily where more than 250 fires have broken out

(photo: Twitter / Fire Brigade) Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia, Calabria, Campania, Lazio are burning , Abruzzo, Molise and Marche. More than 800 fires were faced by the Fire Brigade between Friday and Saturday morning, but they reached 1500 only on Sunday. Since June 15, total forest fires interventions have been 37,000, during a season in which the effects of climate change are causing more intense and devastating extreme weather events than usual around the world.

After Siberia , Canada, the United States and South Africa, Italy is also caught in the grip of flames that are devastating hectares of forests and endangering ecosystems, towns and cities. During the last weekend of July, the whole center and south of our country were invaded by fires. Sicily was the most affected region, with over 250 active fires and about 200 people rescued from the beaches near Catania. But the situation is not yet under control and the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, declared the state of national mobilization of the civil protection system, to support the fire brigade teams who have been working continuously for days. The recognition of the state of mobilization determines an extraordinary use of extra-regional resources, both in terms of personnel and means.

Even in Pescara the swimmers found themselves in danger, after the flames spread to the Pineta Dannunziana, forcing about 800 people to evacuate their homes located nearby. In Puglia, on the other hand, more than 200 hectares of the Difesa Grande wood, in the Murgia of Bari, have already been destroyed, in a fire that has now lasted for 5 days. In Lazio the flames broke out near the Ciampino airport, causing the interruption of flights due to the thick smoke. While in the Marche the Canadair intervened to prevent the flames that broke out near the Conero Riviera from reaching the beaches.

In all the affected regions, more than 5,000 men and women of the fire brigade are at work and it is always active the entire fleet of 15 Canadair. The interventions carried out by firefighters from June to today are about 16 thousand more than last year and the European Union data show a season of fires which is already significantly more destructive than the average.

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