Brütal Legend: The flopped masterpiece was pure metal

Brütal Legend: The flopped masterpiece was pure metal

Brütal Legend

Even die-hard fans will have to admit that Brütal Legend wasn't perfect. It had its problems with the open world, the driving sequences, the bosses, the notorious strategy part. And yet: I consider the game to be a misunderstood jewel. One that might not have been absolutely top ratings, but at least deserves a lot more attention. I will therefore never understand why Brütal Legend has not received a new edition to this day: As with the first Psychonauts, which will soon receive its well-deserved sequel, a Brütal Legend remastered would also be long overdue!

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Tim Schafer: Brutal Legend 2 isn't happening

During his recent Develop panel, Tim Schafer -- creator of Brütal Legend and head of Double Fine Productions -- revealed that the potential for a sequel to Jack Black's journey through a fantastical world of rockitude is nonexistent. 'Apparently when they said it was a done deal, they meant there was no deal, and we're done,' he told attendees.

Double Fine fans shouldn't mourn the game's loss, however; the studio is currently at work on four new titles, so it's not like Schafer is riding off into the sunset -- unless that's part of one of the four games Double Fine is working on, in which case you heard it here first.

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