Brian M. Bendis will publish his comics with Dark Horse

Brian M. Bendis will publish his comics with Dark Horse

Author and screenwriter Brian M. Bendis is one of the biggest names who have helped build Marvel over the past 20 years, writing characters like Jessica Jones or Daredevil, and creating new ones, like the Miles Morales star of the Spider movie. -Man: A new universe. The long relationship with Marvel lasted until 2017, when Bendis moved to work for DC, trying his hand on Superman in the recent cycle The Man of Steel (published recently by Panini DC Italia and available on Amazon), but it seems that the author has decided to take his comics elsewhere.

Brian M. Bendis will publish his comics with Dark Horse

Bendis, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter has in fact stated that it will bring the titles of its personal Jinxworld label to Dark Horse Comics, home of Hellboy and Black Hammer.

I am happy to be able to call Dark Horse Comics home! From Dark Horse Presents to Black Hammer, Dark Horse has always been the leader of creator-owned comic book publishing that I personally love and have always aspired to. This collaboration had been under discussion for a long time. Mike Richardson, Daniel Chabon and everyone else in Dark Horse welcomed us with open arms and it's exciting to be able to introduce new titles like Joy Operations and re-introduce Jinxworld classics like Powers, Torso, and Jinx. Some friends of mine will tell you that I have wanted to see these comics published by Dark Horse for a long time since we made them. To the future!

Mike Richardson, president and founder of Dark Horse Comics, has thus welcomed Bendis.

Brian Bendis is one of the best comic writers on the market and we're all happy to welcome him here to Dark Horse. As Brian himself can confirm, I've been chasing him for a long time. Brian will not only be pruning new stories for his readers, but we will also be releasing new editions of his classics for the new generation of readers.

Daniel Chabon, editor of Dark Horse Comics, also welcomed Brian M. Bendis.

I'm so happy to be working with Brian, Alisa [Bendis, the writer's wife, also in Jinxworld, ed] and all their talented authors for the upcoming Jinxworld stories. We are working on some spectacular comics and I can't wait for people to find out what we have in store for them and the expanding universe of Dark Horse.

Bendis will publish with Dark Horse his new comic drawn by Stephen Byrne, Joy Operation, arriving in American comics in November. The futuristic series will feature Joy, an agent of one of the many companies that govern the world. Joy is concerned with bringing justice, until she is offered to betray everything she has always believed in. The series was presented as a mix of suggestions between Akira and Inception.

After the expiration of his exclusive contract with the publisher, Bendis is still working for DC writing the titles Justice League and Leviathan: Checkmate. As mentioned, the author was one of the most prolific of Marvel, signing many titles and cycles. We point out some of these, which you find available on Amazon: his cycle on Daredevil, collected in various volumes and omnibus, Alias: Jessica Jones, the genesis and the adventures of Miles Morales / Spider-Man, the events Secret Invasion and House of M, and the culmination of his management of the Avengers, Divided Avengers.

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