Anti-Semitic posts are not removed from social media in 80% of cases, a study reveals

Anti-Semitic posts are not removed from social media in 80% of cases, a study reveals

Anti-Semitic posts are not removed from social media in 80% of cases

The research examined more than 700 posts on the main platforms. Facebook is the worst social network to take action against this content, failing 89% of the time

Photo: Unsplash Major social media platforms fail to delete more than 80% of anti-Semitic posts on their platforms, according to reports a new study. The research was conducted by the Center for Countering Digital Hatred (Ccdh) which monitors hate content online.

The Center said it reported more than 700 anti-Semitic posts that were viewed in total 7 , 3 million times on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube. The study shows that Facebook is the worst platform to take action against this content, failing in 89% of cases.

In its report, called Failure to Act, the Ccdh has accused many of the tech giants of being " safe places to spread racism and propaganda against Jews ”.

📢84% of antisemitic posts are not acted on by social media companies.

New report from @CCDHate shows how social media companies are contributing to the proliferation of anti-Jewish hatred online by failing to act.

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- Center for Countering Digital Hate (@CCDHate) August 1, 2021

Researchers collected and reported 714 posts that included Holocaust denial and conspiracy theories with Jewish protagonists between May and June. Social media have taken countermeasures on less than one in six reported examples of anti-Semitism.

Facebook has acted on 14 of the 129 posts reported (10.9%) and Twitter has removed 15 of 137 (11%). TikTok and Instagram did better, deleting more than 18% of content, with YouTube deleting 21.2% of posts. On average, the Center said 84% of the reported posts were not removed.

The report said the Facebook groups it drew many of its posts from are still active, as are 95 % of TikTok users who have spread anti-Semitic offenses. The Center also criticized TikTok and Twitter for allowing the use of hashtags such as #fakejews, #rothschild and #soros, which it says are commonly used to spread anti-Semitic content.

Ccdh head Imran Ahmed has called on big tech companies to remove groups discussing anti-Semitic conspiracies, ban offensive hashtags, and review moderation systems. Ahmed also called for legislation that makes social media companies accountable “in the same way as any other person”.

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Anti-Semitic posts are not removed from social media in 80% of cases

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