Abandoned, the app update is a mockery for users

Abandoned, the app update is a mockery for users


Yesterday the Abandoned app was mysteriously updated. Blue Box Game Studios disclosed on Twitter the announcement of the arrival of the first content around yesterday evening but something went wrong in the communication of the studio. Virtually everyone was expecting a reveal trailer or a more full-bodied teaser than the mysterious images disclosed in recent weeks but this has not been the case.

The Abandoned app update in fact at the moment has "released" only one content . And this is the same GIF published on Twitter by the development studio on August 10, twenty minutes from the third, attempt to reveal. Needless to say, a similar move was not well appreciated, just as the removal of all tweets regarding the technical problems that prevented the reveal of the game on August 10, 2021, or about four days ago, was also not well appreciated. br>
“Save your time, don't download anything. It's just that Twitter video of the guy walking "one of the most aggressive comments against the studio, launched by YouTuber RGT 85. And it doesn't do better in other shores, such as forums and Reddit, where people's spirits have warmed up for good , accusing the studio of having gone too far, as if to reiterate the classic saying “The joke is beautiful when it doesn't last long”. And that of Abandoned, having also become a sort of ARG, seems to have gone far beyond a brilliant marketing gimmick.

Save your time downloading it. It's just that shitty Twitter video of the dude walking on the app. That's it.

- RGT 85 (@ RGT_85) August 13, 2021

Of course, there may still be the benefit of the doubt: the Abandoned app has several slots, including gameplay trailers and release trailers, which the studio believes should arrive over the next few days. However, after the multiple delays, the sending and the cancellation of different material from the social channels of the development team, the situation appears decidedly smoky.

We will see if in the end the game will really see the light or it will prove to be yet another step longer than the leg of Blue Box Game Studios, which over the years has announced and canceled several projects. The curriculum and the last few months do not play in the developer's favor but we look forward to any new content, which at this point we cannot be sure will ever arrive.

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Abandoned’s mysterious PS5 app is live and players are baffled

A long-delayed app for the upcoming PS5 exclusive Abandoned is now live. The mysterious “real time experience” app only contains a short teaser trailer for the game, which has left curious fans even more confused.

Abandoned has a complicated history. The game was first announced through a PlayStation blog post, showing off the game’s environments. Following the post, some fans began spinning a conspiracy theory that the project was actually a new game from Hideo Kojima. That morphed into an unfounded, but widespread rumor that Abandoned was actually a Silent Hill revival. While developer Blue Box Game Studios attempted to distance itself from those rumors, gamers kept drawing connections and convincing themselves that the indie was a publicity stunt.

During the height of the speculation, Blue Box announced that it would reveal more about the game through a dedicated PS5 app. It was heavily delayed, fueling more rumors, but was scheduled to launch earlier this week. Last-minute bugs pushed the app’s launch to today. PS5 owners can now download the app and enter it, though it requires a 5GB update to download.

The Abandoned thing is live and yeah this seems about right https://t.co/EJxPuecLKJ

— Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) August 13, 2021

The actual content of the app makes matters even more confusing. Upon opening it, users will see a list of boxes indicating future trailers and demos that will be housed within the app. However, the only one that’s currently available is an introductory teaser video. It features a roughly two-second teaser shot of somewhat walking on a wooden floor (which the developer had already shared on Twitter), followed by some text noting that a demo and trailer are coming soon.

For fans who were hoping the app would finally put months of speculation to bed, one way or another, the app is just another bizarre piece of the saga. It gives no new details about the project or really even shows what it actually looks like. There’s also the fact that the update to see the trailer takes upwards of 10 minutes to download, despite the fact that the teaser is only around 30 seconds long.

The app will, presumably, shed some more light on the game eventually. At the moment, however, players are expressing confusion and frustration across social media. All signs point towards Abandoned having no connection to Silent Hill, though there are more legitimate revival rumors for the franchise.

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