Xbox Elite controller, the case of the drift will not come to court

Xbox Elite controller, the case of the drift will not come to court

Xbox Elite controller

One of the most well-known and hated problems by gamers in recent years is controller drifting. The frequent failure of analog sticks is certainly nothing new and many users continue to report it for their Xbox Elite Controller, Sony's Dualsense or Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. The situation has become so dramatic over the years that many companies have taken legal action against video game companies, in order to protect gamers from all over the world who often find themselves forced to buy expensive new controllers or expensive repairs.

In recent months, a class-action action was taken against Microsoft, which would knowingly sell Xbox Elite controllers with defective analog sticks to consumers. Towards the beginning of February 2021, however, the company asked to entrust the class-action to arbitration, thus allowing him to avoid a meeting in court. Today, the law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith confirms this news by providing some details on the situation.

According to them, the lawsuit may no longer have a chance to bring the parties involved to a court, reaching a dead end. Apparently the CSK & D studio took the matter very seriously, so much so that it came into possession of many controllers with drifting in order to be able to analyze the problem thoroughly and scrupulously by a technical expert. The already known poor durability of the potentiometers, which record inputs different from the real ones, due to their design defects, has thus been confirmed.

Benjamin Johns, partner of the law firm, said that “in a general sense, the theory behind this case is that if the drift had become public, no reasonable consumer would have bought an Xbox Elite controller in first place ". Certainly a logical statement, but one that inevitably falls short since controllers are required to play on consoles.

In its defense, Microsoft has stated that its contract for the use of services provides precisely that any legal issues would have been entrusted to arbitration, just as happened in this case. For this reason, the judge believes that the players have always accepted the terms of the contract, although hardly anyone has actually read it. In short, as iFixit had announced, it seems that we are very far from a possible solution to the problem in the short term.

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